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el MIRA and Look At The Square is a digital media that offers updated information in real time and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, belonging to the Media Editor of MIRA Comunicación Group.

The contents of elMIRA.es and elmira.es/latsq can be consulted through the Internet from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

The development of the content of www.elmira.es is carried out by journalists, as well as its layout and image creation, by designers, image technicians, photographers and camera operators.

el MIRAand Look At The Square offers breaking news, interviews, features, reports, live broadcasts, opinion columns and entertainment content. Readers can participate in polls and letters to the director. Content can be offered and searched on the web in text format, images, videos, graphics… as well as news can be printed in PDF.


Ceo Fundador y Editor

Jaime Núñez Email

Jefa de Administración

María José García | Email


Manuel Jesús Ruiz-Berdejo | Email

Redactores Jefes

Álvaro Richarte  | Email

Francisco Márquez | Email

Daniel Saldaña | Email

Inmaculada Víbora | Email

Adriana Díaz Email

Álvaro de los Santos | Email

Mercedes Jiménez | Email


Jesús Catalán | Email

Enrique Falcón | Email

Noelia Herrera | Email

Salvador López | Email

Christian Cantizano | Email

Miguel Mateos | Email


Marciano Breña | Tauromaquia

Marco A. Velo | Cultura

Lysmar Ramirez | Bienestar, Consumo y Celebridades

Ana López | Consumo

Paola Romero | Pádel

Charly Rodríguez | Moda

Keko Romero | Entrevistas

Manuel Ojeda | Reportajes

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