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The Amazon boots that imitate those of Zara that cannot be missing in your closet this winter

These fur boots are perfect for cold days and are available on Amazon

Amazon boots for winter that imitate Zara
Amazon boots for winter that imitate Zara

Amazon boots are ideal so that the cold and rain do not ruin your day, since we are in the middle of the winter season. These boots are sweeping, mainly because they combine with most of the clothes you have in your closet. For their part, they are a model that the recognized brands Adidas and Nike do not have.

From TheLook we show you these platform boots with a minimalist and elegant style. You will have functional footwear for cold days and for sunny days. Do not forget that on the web you can find more varieties of boots and shoes for women for day to day.

Amazon Suede Hippy Boots
Amazon Suede Hippy Boots

Amazon Suede Hippy Boots

The Cushionaire store brings the suede Hippy Boots to exhibit on Amazon. These are female boots with a thick sole, which are used to walk in the snow. One of the strengths of this shoe is its sole. In relation to the above, the sole is made of ethyl vinyl acetate, a material similar to rubber, which is why it is very soft and flexible.

Next, the thickness of the sole is approximately 1.75 ". As for the instep of the shoe, it is comfortable and not at all tight. The body of the boot is made of suede fabric on the outside, while the inside is upholstered with a synthetic leather lining. In this sense, your feet will always be warm, despite the low temperatures. Other characteristics of the boots are.

  • Available in various colors (brown, green, taupe and black)
  • There are in stock from size 6.5 to 11
  • The surface of the boots is smooth
  • The cut of the boots is up to the ankle
Cushionaire Amazon Suede Hippy Boots
Cushionaire Amazon Suede Hippy Boots

Advantages of the ethylene vinyl acetate sole

This material is flexible and comfortable, characteristics that have to be present in a shoe. Additionally, it resists low temperatures, so it will not crack as a result of stress. Other advantages of the material are as follows.

  • It is a resistant material
  • Tolerates the temperature of the snow
  • Does not crack the sole
  • You can run and walk long distances, and the sole will be intact
  • Boots resist rocky paths
  • The sole cushions the footsteps, so the impact when walking is minimal
  • Perhaps you may think that this material is heavy, contrary to what many people believe, it is a light material.
  • The durability of this type of sole is superior to that of other materials

How to clean suede boots

When you already have the boots in your hands, it is essential that you learn how to clean them, since they are made of suede, you have to take certain precautions.

  • Do not put the shoes in the washing machine, because they can be ruined. Also, do not wash them by hand with water. The reason for this is that chamois is a material that absorbs water, and it can get stained.
  • Do not use soap to remove dirt
Suede Hippy Boots
Suede Hippy Boots

Now, the correct way to clean this type of shoe is with a dry brush. Apply the brush to the surface of the shoe to remove dirt. Instead of water, you can rub the shoe with alcohol, vinegar, or a special suede solution.

Amazon suede hippy boots price

The price of the boots is only $79.00, an affordable price, considering that these boots are very popular on the internet. In addition, you have the option of free delivery, likewise, the return. Finally, if you have discount coupons, you can redeem them.

The Amazon boots that imitate those of Zara that cannot be missing in your closet this...