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The Sephora hair appliance that gives you the curly hair you've always dreamed of

Sephora sets its sights on the best hair curling product from the Drybar brand

Create your new look in the easiest way you can imagine
Create your new look in the easiest way you can imagine

At Sephora, trends never end, this team knows what their clients need, especially when it comes to hair. In this sense, everyone wants to look spectacular and impeccable wherever they go. And so, the experts at TheLook have investigated, and we found a hair curler, with which you can do more than one different hairstyle.

From loose and marked waves, the Drybar brand curling iron, you can find it in the digital catalog of the most popular beauty product store in the United States. Besides, the prices are incredible and the shipping is fast, very similar to Ulta Beauty and Macy's stores.

mixologist interchangeable styling iron
mixologist interchangeable styling iron

Styling with the Mixologist Interchangeable Styling Iron

You don't need thousands of curling irons to recreate a different curl look. Luckily, the Mixologist Interchangeable Styling Iron is a styling tool that you can keep at home. It consists of a curling iron with three accessories that you can interchange and adjust on the main handle, in order to vary the hairstyle.

In this sense, there are three looks that you will achieve with this beauty tool. To give you a clearer idea, the interchangeable accessories consist of a curling iron, wand and curling iron. On the body of the main handle, there is a button that, when pressed, releases the accessory so that you can snap another one on. Other features you should know are.

  • Each one of the accessories is covered with a ceramic material so that the frizz does not take over your hair, on the contrary, it looks shiny and full of life.
  • The handle is ergonomic. This means that, when holding it in your hand, it will not be uncomfortable for you. You will be able to hold it more firmly and safely.
interchangeable styling iron
interchangeable styling iron
  • The product has ionic technology that prevents the strand from looking dry and reduces hair frizz. Rather, it leaves it silky.
  • On the other hand, infrared technology has the task of distributing heat evenly over the entire surface of the wands.
  • The hair is heated from the inside to the most superficial layer, this protects the cuticle, and the hair will look healthier.

What type of hair is it favorable for?

Actually, the tool suits any type of hair. So don't limit yourself! Whether you have wavy, curly or straight hair, the curling iron is perfect for you.

Sephora Curling Iron Pros

  • Returns the shine to the hair while you are styling it
  • It has a digital control where you can adjust the temperatures
  • Heats in a range of up to 230 °C
  • Shuts off automatically to prevent burn accidents
  • The order includes a travel bag, where you can fit the main tool and its accessories
  • You have a professional cable of 2.74 meters

Marked waves

The number one wand leaves your hair with a well-defined wave from start to finish. The recommendation is that you work with small sections of hair.

Sephora mixologist interchangeable styling iron
Sephora mixologist interchangeable styling iron

Natural waves and classic curls

This waver wand work. The final look is carefree messy waves. Grab small sections of hair. Alternatively, for classic curls, use the 1.25” curling iron attachment. You can make big curls if you take approximately 3” sections of hair.

Mixologist Interchangeable Styling Iron Price

Being a product of such a category, the price is usually not that cheap, but it is totally worth it. Keep in mind that you can pay for monthly installments up to 4 months. With this information, the regular price is $199.00. Likewise, if you decide to opt for financing, the payments are $49.75 each.

The Sephora hair appliance that gives you the curly hair you've always dreamed of