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Goodbye to blackheads with Sephora
Goodbye to blackheads with Sephora

For this new year, set yourself the goal of investing in cosmetics for the face, since it is your letter of introduction. What's more, an easy way to do it is to incorporate skincare into your life, either at night or every morning. This will force you to search for face care products. In this way, the nose cleansing strips that you find at Sephora are a good product for the beauty routine.

At TheLook, we are committed to healthy and youthful skin, in addition, it is a product suitable for all skin types, that is, dry, mixed, oily and normal skin. Perfectly, the bands will remove excess fat.

sephora clean charcoal nose strip
sephora clean charcoal nose strip

Sephora Clean Charcoal Nose Strip

Let's start by describing what the Sephora Clean Charcoal Nose Strip is all about. It consists of some adhesive strips that you can place on the nose, so that you cover the skin that covers it. The wonderful thing about this non-invasive treatment is that it allows you to eliminate accumulated fat in the pore.

On the other hand, they are made with bamboo charcoal fiber fabric, and it will help you eliminate blackheads and impurity deposits, which tend to accumulate more frequently in the nose area.

What you should keep in mind is that it is a problem that can reappear, these strips are not the definitive solution for blackheads. They are a cosmetic to complement your beauty routine.


On the web you can see that it is specified as a vegan product, so its ingredients are not irritating, and it is unlikely that you will have any reaction, unless you are allergic. Of course, it contains some chemical elements in the formula. The main components are.

  • Bamboo charcoal fiber
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Fragrance
clean charcoal nose strip
clean charcoal nose strip

How to use the bands

Before I apply the product, you have to prepare the skin. In this sense, wash your face with the soap you always use, you must also remove makeup. Then, dry the face well, but moisten the nose area. Already with these previous steps, follow the following instructions.

  • Take the strip and remove the film that protects it
  • Apply the band on the nose, take into account that the shiny part is the one that should come into contact with the skin. As you place the strip over your nose, press down on the strip so that it adheres well to the skin.
  • Let the strip act for 10 to 15 minutes. It is important that while you have the strip, you avoid gesturing so that it does not move from its place or come unstuck.
  • When time passes and the strip is already dry, you can begin to peel it off gently so you don't hurt the skin. Start at the edges towards the center.

It should be noted that during the process you may feel sensations of tightness, since when the strip dries it is normal for this to happen. For its part, the recommendation is that you use it maximum twice a week, otherwise it can be counterproductive.

skcare with clean charcoal nose strip
skcare with clean charcoal nose strip

Clean Charcoal Nose Strip Price

The presentation of the product is per unit, an envelope contains an adhesive strip. As for the price, it has a value of $3.00, but it is currently at a 5% discount, so you will only have to pay $2.85. We know that it is a minimum amount, although you can pay it in four installments of $0.75 through klarna or afterpay.

Goodbye blackheads — Sephora sells its flagship product for the perfect nose for only $3