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This oil perfume that triumphs at Sephora for Valentine's Day will be your favorite in 2023

Get the most out of your skin with these perfumes and oil creams that you find at Sephora

The oil perfume that will make you fall in love this 2023
The oil perfume that will make you fall in love this 2023

The Sephora store continues to be one of the references for cosmetics and beauty products in the United States. On this occasion, you can find vegan products for the skin in its catalogue, which will make it look healthier. Besides, the formula is creamy, but light when you apply it on the skin.

With all these attributes, the beauty experts at TheLook put the magnifying glass on these excellent products to hydrate the skin, since they leave it as new. In addition, it opens up a range of possibilities and that you have other alternatives apart from Ulta Beauty or Amazon. Let's talk a little more about them.

Balinese coconut perfume oil

The first fragrance is the Balinese coconut perfume oil, it is a perfumed oil with the smell of coconut, which comes in a practical and beautiful presentation of a glass bottle with a capacity of 30 ml. Although, you can go for the small 6ml size, which you can take along for a trip.

balinese coconut perfume oil
balinese coconut perfume oil

Likewise, the perfume formula is based on fresh coconuts from Southeast Asia, plus some chemical components. Basically, they extract the natural essence of the fruit, both from the liquid and from the peel.

Regarding the price, it has a value of $93.10, because it has a special discount of 5%, and you can pay it in 4 installments of $24.50 each.

How to use coconut oil perfume

  • Place a few drops in the palm of your hand and rub together
  • Then, with your hands, massage the area of the body where you want to apply the oil

In turn, you can place the drops directly on the area to be treated. You just have to make sure that the oil is completely absorbed.

Soleil blanc shimmering body oil

The Soleil blanc shimmering body oil is a body oil with sparkles, which will leave your skin totally illuminated. In short, this oil is silky and quite light, that is, you will not feel discomfort on your skin, and it is absorbed quickly.

soleil blanc shimmering body oil
soleil blanc shimmering body oil

Next, the main component is cardamom oil, spectacular for deeply moisturizing the skin. Of course, it contains other natural and chemical elements. In addition to this, the price of this perfume is $95.00, because it has a 5% discount.

Perfume presentations

You can choose between a small and a standard presentation, but both come in a sturdy glass jar.

  • Oil of 101 ml
  • Oil of 45 ml

Madagascar vanilla perfume oil

The last of the options is the Madagascar vanilla perfume oil. Just looking at the presentation you might think that the product is expensive, but luckily, it is discounted by 5%, leaving the oil with a value of $93.10.

Now yes! Since the price is not a concern, you should know that it consists of a compound oily fragrance, whose main ingredients are vanilla oil, coconut and other vanilla extracts.

madagascar vanilla perfume oil
madagascar vanilla perfume oil

Added to this, all the ingredients are mixed with baobab oil, resulting in a formula that hydrates, nourishes and revitalizes the skin, through the vitamins it contains. Besides, the smell will leave you impregnated all day.

How to use vanilla oil

  • Apply the oil on your arms, legs, in short, on any part of the body you want
  • While applying it, massage your skin, to help the product to be absorbed
  • Also, you can place a few drops in the container of your body cream, and apply it on your skin.

This oil perfume that triumphs at Sephora for Valentine's Day will be your favorite in...