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Sephora's treatment to relax the body based on candles — ideal as a gift for Valentine's Day

Weighing on your relaxation and skin care, Sephora arrives with an excellent product that you will love.

Sephora's relaxing candle
Sephora's relaxing candle

Massage candles are one of the most modern ways to apply relaxing massages in different areas of the body. Products such as Sephora's Burn jojoba oil massage candle have quickly become popular in the United States because it turns out to be an effective way to take advantage of all the benefits of a home or professional massage.

The beauty experts at The Look see it as a shortcut, as the oil is prudently hot, with an exquisite smell and a gentle feel that will soothe the skin instantly. Do not be surprised if you see other similar models on Amazon or Macy's, because they are excellent, and depending on the essential oil, they use their properties will be more specific and differentiated from each other.

Sephora maude burn - jojoba oil massage candle
Sephora maude burn - jojoba oil massage candle

Sephora Burn Jojoba Oil Massage Candle

The world of massage has evolved a lot, and you no longer have to go to a professional to enjoy a delicious massage that takes stress off your shoulders and leaves you relaxed. Likewise, if oils or creams were used before, you will be surprised to know that today you can use candles in the same way, and even more efficiently.

Such as the Burn Jojoba Oil Massage Candle, which has excellent properties to relax muscles, relieve stress, and provide a soothing and pleasant aroma. It is prepared with 100% cotton, lead-free wick, and cruelty-free ingredients.

Don't worry about getting burned

You may think that being a candle, the serum will be very hot for sensitive or even normal skin. But the truth is that the chemistry behind these candles is much more focused on care and user satisfaction. They have a low melting temperature, so it can be poured on the skin as soon as it melts.

Exquisite and relaxing aroma

At first it appears to be an unscented candle, but that's only until warm amber notes begin to sprout. Giving way to the soft aroma of cedar leaf, citronella, Medjool date, and tonka bean. Its base notes are a little brighter and stronger with a smell of pink pepper, gurjun balm, and California lemon. To finish with fresh notes of eucalyptus, sandalwood, and cassis.

maude burn - jojoba oil massage candlea from Sephora
maude burn - jojoba oil massage candlea from Sephora

Benefits beyond massage

Apart from the fact that you will be very relaxed and with the muscles prepared for your activities, you will enjoy benefits for the skin. It penetrates the skin very well, providing antioxidant properties that improve cellular capacity, and therefore, you will feel the skin much smoother.

On the other hand, it will deeply moisturize eliminating scars, stretch marks, and all kinds of dryness progressively. And it also turns out to be an effective natural treatment against acne, and any allergic breakout. If your skin is sensitive, don't worry because you'll still be able to use it.

Tips for proper use and application

  • Light the candle for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This will cause the oil to form naturally, and prepare the environment for the proper massage.
  • When you blow out the candle, the oil is ready to use. We recommend using it immediately because otherwise, it can begin to solidify again.
  • Because the base is oil, the candle has a lower combustion temperature and will be hot.
  • Pour the oil directly onto the skin, or first on the yolk of your dice to expand and apply it.
  • To properly extinguish the candle, gently extinguish it and contain the smoke with the lid of the jar to maintain the aromas.
maude burn - jojoba oil massage candle
maude burn - jojoba oil massage candle

How much does this Sephora massage candle cost?

You can take home this fantastic scented candle $18.00. But you can also choose to pay in 4 parts of $4.50, using the medium of Klarna and Afterpay. In a short time you will have careful, relaxed, and much healthier muscles.

Sephora's treatment to relax the body based on candles — ideal as a gift for...