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The Zara bag that you can wear in spring is a winner in the winter sales — more than 50% off

Beautiful and roomy bags on sale. Take a look at these designs available at Zara
Zara's top handbags this season
Zara's top handbags this season

Purses are essential accessories in a woman's closet, what's more, they can even have more than one different model, each specific for a particular outfit. Whether for a day or night look, the office or to go out with friends, at Zara you will find all kinds of handbags. The variety is surprising and with good prices.

Also, the fashion experts at TheLook love handbags with roomy compartments, because they are comfortable, elegant, practical and versatile. Besides, you can customize them to your liking. The best thing is that you can request them from anywhere in the United States.

Leather bucket bag

The first portfolio model is the Leather bucket bag. It is a spacious design with a main compartment where you can store what you want. The type of closure is with a strap plus a loop, that is, without a zipper.

leather bucket bag
leather bucket bag

The entire piece is made of bovine leather. The color of the piece is mustard, while the interior is dark brown. Regarding the price, it has a regular cost of $229.00, but with the 58% discount you only have to pay $95.90.

Nappa leather mini tote bag

The next bag on the list is the Nappa leather mini tote bag. It is a black wallet that is made of bovine leather and nappa leather, plus a lining that upholsters the inside of the wallet. Besides, it is black, which allows it to combine with any outfit.

nappa leather mini tote bag
nappa leather mini tote bag

Additionally, you have two handles where you can hold it or place it on your shoulder. Luckily, the bag is at a special 58% discount, leaving it with a value of $95.90. This is a real deal, because its original price is $229.00.

Mini leather crossbody

The last option is the Mini leather crossbody. It consists of a super romantic shoulder bag in mustard color and with an adjustable strap. The main compartment is spacious, you can carry your phone, keys and everything you need outside the home.

Added to this, you can use it as a handbag. In this sense, you can adapt it to different types of outfit. The bandolier is made of sheepskin with a torn finish and the type of closure is a zipper. Now, the price of the bandit is $149.00, although with the 62% discount, the cost will be $55.90.

mini leather crossbody
mini leather crossbody

Care and maintenance

Ideally, you should designate a specific space to place the bags. In this way, you do not pile them on top of each other, and they are preserved for longer.

First of all, these three models are made of leather, a material that is naturally resistant, but delicate. Therefore, you should avoid exposing the wallets to humidity, rain, chemical agents and heat. In turn, you can take into consideration these tips for your care.

  • Do not wash purses in the washing machine. What this action can produce is that they tear or peel.
  • Do not apply bleaching products, powder detergents, or liquids to the leather
  • Do not iron the bags
  • Do not dry clean the bags
  • Avoid placing them in the dryer or applying another source of heat

How to clean leather wallets

To remove stains and dirt, use a dry cloth and rub it over the surface of the bag. However, for a more thorough cleaning or to remove stubborn stains, the recommendation is that you take the bag to a dry cleaner.

The Zara bag that you can wear in spring is a winner in the winter sales — more than...