Tuesday. 21.03.2023

This Valentine's Day give a lot of style with these new Crocs sandals, not suitable for the timid

Crocs innovates again with new sandals of unique style. Find out everything there is to know about the Echo Slide!


The rise of Crocs will hardly end soon, especially when the brand always puts all its effort into making the models more unique, comfortable, and eye-catching. For example, the Echo Slide line emerges once again, and this time with a design that hugs the foot, but leaves it with much more ventilation at the front. It's everything you need for comfort at home.

And while you can find similar fantastic models on Amazon or Skechers, the crocodile shop always finds a unique way to stand out from others. That's why the beauty and fashion experts of The Look, have opened up the options a lot this season and detail this model that has everything for you to take home no matter where you are in the United States.


Crocs Echo Slide

Both to be at home and to go outside, it is necessary to have comfortable and stylish sandals. For that reason, the Crocs Echo Slide model is a shoe that meets these qualities. It has a composition similar to the classic clogs, although its design is completely different and attracts attention to the naked eye.

These are sandals that you can combine in a simple way, with a wide range of clothes. They look good with casual and sporty pieces, complementing the outfit or standing out from it. And best of all, they are sandals that keep your feet comfortable and fresh, so you do not suffer or feel uncomfortable when walking.

Croslite base and top

This is a shoe of a bold sculpture and a sports inspiration that stands out at first glance with its unique design. However, it is important to note that the sandals have a Croslite construction to offer the greatest possible comfort. Both at the base and at the top, they are made in this way.

In addition, the sandals have a built-in LiteRide insole that protects the soles of the feet. In this way, you will not suffer a strong impact when you walk on any type of surface. As a result, you can go out with these sandals anywhere, no matter what terrain you are.


Lightweight footwear

Among the main qualities of these sandals, is the fact that they allow walking in a calm and relaxed way. Largely because they have a lightweight composition. Therefore, they do not exert any pressure on the feet and do not bother when walking. Instead, its structure offers double-density support.

The sandals also feature ventilation ports so you keep your feet sweaty at all times. The passage of air occurs in a natural way so that you do not suffer in any situation.

Tips for combining them

  • With denim shorts and shirts printed with the design you prefer.
  • With the classic style maxidresses that are in trend.
  • With oversized t-shirts that hide the figure completely.
  • With straight design jeans and romantic-style blouses.
  • With dress pants and short blazers.
  • Finally, avoid wearing these sandals with too elegant clothing. It does not fit well and you will feel uncomfortable when leaving.

Crocs Echo Slide price

From the official Crocs website, the Echo Slide model is available for you to buy. These unique style sandals have an affordable price of only $59.99. In addition, they have free shipping to different regions of the United States and have a warranty coverage that extends for 90 days.

This Valentine's Day give a lot of style with these new Crocs sandals, not suitable for...