Wednesday. 29.03.2023

Crocs causes a sensation with the new futuristic clogs for basketball lovers

Get to know this Crocs model that you can use for an outing with friends or play a basketball game


From TheLook we love Crocs brand shoes, and one of the reasons is because they are practical, striking and colorful. What's more, you would be surprised by the variety of models for women, men and children, even more popular than some of the Nike or Adidas sports shoes. At the same time, you can put together an outfit for various events.

This time, you can feel like a basketball player with the Crocs in collaboration with the NBA, available in all sizes and anywhere in the United States. Expect all that the crocodile store has to offer as they are direct competition from other stores like Skechers.

NBA All Star Echo Clog

If one attribute of these shoes needs to be highlighted, it is their design, although they are sporty, the brand devises a way to continue with the traditional model, but with a different characteristic. Such is the case with the Crocs NBA All Star Echo Clog. It is a copy inspired by everything related to basketball.

Basically, what the brand did is create a shoe that was comfortable, but without sacrificing your style. The structure of the shoe is as you already know it, but it has a sole with transversal grooves that affirm the urban style. In turn, these grooves allow the shoe to have greater ventilation.

On the other hand, it has the traditional rotating strap, but this time, the part that is in contact with the heel has a pad to make you feel more comfortable. In addition to this, in the part that is attached to the body of the shoe it has a detail in the shape of a basketball.

Important characteristics of the Swedes

  • They are light shoes, practically, you will not feel that you are wearing them
  • You can submerge them in water and they won't ruin. This is great for you to wear at the beach or pool.
  • Although the base of the shoe is white and gets dirty quickly, they are easy to clean
  • The multi color refers to the tones of all the details on the instep of the shoe
  • It has incorporated in the upper part of the shoe to all the teams of the NBA
  • Order includes Jibbitz brand charms with the NBA logo
  • The sole is Croslite with LiteRide insole

LiteRide Insole Benefits

As is customary, we will mention the benefits of the technology that Crocs uses to make your footprint more comfortable.

What this means is that it has a foam insole, which gives it the characteristic of being light, but resistant. Other key features are as follows.

  • Offers better support and stability when walking or running
  • Good damping system
  • It is perfect for any outdoor activity.
  • It has the characteristic of being flexible and highly breathable
  • It adapts perfectly to the shape and natural movement of the foot
  • You will not feel pressure on the sole of the foot or any other uncomfortable sensation

NBA All Star Echo Clog Price

Crocs debuts color with these NBA-style cleats. Perhaps, you may think that they are expensive, but the reality is different. For only $79.99 you can wear these cute shoes. Also, shipping is free because the order is over $49.99.

Finally, if you want to make a return, there is no additional cost, so that you have more information you can read the returns section on the official Crocs website.

Crocs causes a sensation with the new futuristic clogs for basketball lovers