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Goodbye blows: Skechers' economical sandal that protects children's feet while they play

The Skechers brand presents you with sneakers for stylish girls that they can use to go for a walk

Skechers Flex Splash - Epic Breeze
Skechers Flex Splash - Epic Breeze

The fashion experts at TheLook know that the little ones in the house need comfortable and functional footwear. This is where Skechers comes to the fore with the Flex Splash for girls to enjoy a comfortable footprint during the day.

In addition, it is a perfect model for the summer season that is coming in the United States. Faced with any terrain, the shoe allows the tread to be more stable and you forget about accidents, since they will be protected. As additional information, the color and its design have left behind the children's models of Nike and Adidas at the beginning of the year.

skechers flex splash epic breeze
skechers flex splash epic breeze

Skechers Flex Splash Epic Breeze

There is nothing better than children feeling comfortable playing, especially if they are going to run. The most important thing about this is that they require footwear that does not bother them while they are having fun. For this reason, the Skechers Flex Splash Epic Breeze are closed toe sandals that are perfect for playing in the garden.

Added to this, they have a light sole, which will not be an impediment for them to move freely. In turn, the colors are precious, delicate and feminine. The brand combines pink and blue tones very well.

Sandals Features

  • It is a shoe designed for girls between the ages of four and eight
  • The instep of the sandal is synthetic in two colors
  • You can wash the sandals in the washing machine
  • The sole is flexible and light
  • The closure system is a hook and loop strap
  • The insole is padded and embossed
  • It has details with the brand's logo throughout the shoe
  • Available in all sizes, from 11.0 to 3.0
flex splash epic breeze
flex splash epic breeze

Comfortable ethylene vinyl acetate sole

Known in the industry as the EVA sole, it consists of a technology used by the most recognized sports shoe brands, including Skechers. Basically, it is a polymer made up of thousands of vinyl acetate and ethylene units.

It can be compared to a traditional rubber sole, but with other virtues. First of all, it receives the impact very well, which means that it helps to cushion each step you take. In addition to this, it remains a light and comfortable material. Additionally, it can be used for the midsole.

How to clean sandals

As you read in the previous lines, you can wash the shoe in the washing machine. However, keep the following recommendations in mind.

  • Before putting them in the washing machine, remove dirt and stains with a damp cloth. Also, you can lean on a fine bristle brush.
  • Use neutral pH soap, since it is more delicate with the fabric of the shoe
  • Do not wash them with cold water, instead, make sure that the water is lukewarm
  • Set the washing machine for a gentle wash cycle
  • Let the shoes dry outdoors, where they are well ventilated
skechers flex splash
skechers flex splash

Price of the Skechers Flex Splash Epic Breeze

Speaking of the price, these sandals vary in cost according to certain characteristics, such as shoe size. This is how, on the official website of the brand you can see a value range, in this case it is from $33.99 to $42.00.

On the other hand, you can pay in installments of $10.50, only if you use afterpay as a payment gateway, there are four installments in total. Also, shipping is free, and you can earn rewards with every purchase you make on the web.

Goodbye blows: Skechers' economical sandal that protects children's feet while they play