Thursday. 30.03.2023
The MTV-themed Crocs
The MTV-themed Crocs

It was time for Crocs to do what many users in the United States were waiting for. Paying tribute to one of the most famous music channels in the world, with a fantastic trajectory, here comes the MTV Crush Clog. With a print reminiscent of the old days of the favorite channel of many, with Jibbitz charms full of color and characteristic of the theme.

That's why today The Look experts have decided to take a closer look. Because, in addition, they come with one of the most comfortable and popular designs that unseat those of Adidas and Nike. We're talking about comfort, design, and a print you'll love if you want to remember the old days of MTV.


Crocs MTV Crush Clog

Crocs' new collaboration with MTV results in clogs that please all children of nineties pop culture. The MTV Crush Clog model has a design that attracts attention to the naked eye, for all the colors it has at the top. In addition, it is a shoe with an added height that allows your feet to stand out in a subtle way.

On the other hand, the MTV Crush Clog model from Crocs has a traditional composition, similar to the classic clogs of the catalog. However, it has several updated details to provide the greatest possible safety and comfort. And best of all, these Crocs sandals already come with Jibbitz charms that customize their overall appearance.

With added height

In addition to the bright and colorful design of the clogs, this shoe also stands out for the small platform they have. They have a unique height of 2 inches measured from the floor to the footrest. This allows you to easily stand out to get attention anywhere. In addition, it is a quality that does not detract from balance when walking.

In fact, you will not have any problem when using these clogs with added height. They have good traction on the sole and the insole is quite comfortable to the touch.


Has pivoting rear strap

So that you always keep walking safely, these sandals have a pivoting back strap. This is soft and flexible, with a resistant composition to withstand all types of environments. Apart from this, it does not suffer problems in its structure due to the constant movement for prolonged periods of time.

Thanks to this, you can walk on any type of surface without any worries. Your feet will always be secured inside the clogs, without any risk of accidents.

Advantages of use

  • They have a bold style that attracts attention from the first moment. So they can be a good topic of conversation.
  • They have a lightweight and flexible composition that will allow you to use the clogs for long periods of time.
  • They keep your feet ventilated at all times, so you don't have perspiration problems.
  • The composition of the sandals repels bacteria in the environment, keeping the feet protected and safe.
  • They can be easily adapted to all types of environments and surfaces, without the risk of slipping.
  • You can combine them with all kinds of garments, without much effort.

Crocs MTV Crush Clog Price

Currently, you can buy the MTV Crush Clog model within the official Crocs website. These special edition sandals are affordably priced at just $74.99.  Due to its cost, this is a footwear valid for shipping at no additional cost within the United States. In addition, they are protected by a 90-day warranty coverage.

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