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Crocs surprises with clogs for Valentine's Day that exude love in every step

The most popular Swedes on the market come up with a tender version for Valentine's Day


The United States company Crocs is characterized by manufacturing comfortable, functional and fashionable shoes. Now he surprises his clients with the Valentine's Day edition slippers, which are just as comfortable and practical. Inside you will find a plush lining, not seen in brands like Nike and Adidas.

From TheLook we encourage you so that you can surprise that special person with a detail on the day of love and friendship. Remember that, regardless of the season of the year, these Crocs are very useful to go to work or to stay at home.

classic lined valentine's day
classic lined valentine's day

Classic Lined Valentine's Day Clog

The Swedish Classic Lined Valentine's Day Clog is a demonstration of love and care. Starting with the striking color, the entire shoe has pink and fuchsia tones. The base color of the Swedes is a bright purple, while the plush inner lining is red.

Likewise, on the instep of the shoe they have placed a sequined heart that you can remove whenever you want. As for the lining, it will allow you to be on your feet for hours without your feet bothering you. For its part, the sole is light and the structure of the shoe makes it easy to put on and take off. Other important aspects of the slippers are as follows.

  • It is a perfect shoe for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • It does not have a closure system, but it does have pivoting straps that adjust on the heel. In this way, you can feel the most stable footprint.
  • You can personalize the shoe by placing Jibbitz charms of the reasons you want
  • You enjoy a 90-day guarantee
  • The shoes are perfect for the beach, pool and river, because they can get wet without problems.

2 ways to wear Crocs

Regardless of the fact that the Croscs are for Valentine's Day, you can use them on any occasion. For this reason, we will show you 2 ways to combine these shoes.

  • Crosc + jeans: Jeans are versatile pieces in a woman's closet. Basically, they go very well with most clothes, and Crocs are no exception. In addition to this, it complements the look as an oversized or romantic shirt.
classic lined valentine's day clog
classic lined valentine's day clog
  • Crocs + maxi dresses: We will not tire of telling you that maxi dresses are a safe bet. In addition, combining them with Crocs is easy, since both are unique pieces. Try this fun color mix!

Measurements and care

As is everything in life, if you don't use it well or take care of it, it can be damaged. Of course, Crocs' sweetheart day sneakers do not escape this rule.

  • If you are going to clean the shoes with water, first try to remove the sequined hearts so they do not get damaged.
  • To remove dirt use soap and water. However, that the soap is liquid and pH neutral
  • To rinse the Sueco you can use lukewarm or cold water
  • Do not put Crocs in the washing machine, they are shoes that should be washed by hand
  • Do not expose them too much to the sun, because they can lose their shape
lined valentine's day clog
lined valentine's day clog

Price of the Classic Lined Valentine's Day Clog

Price isn't an issue when it comes to who you're attracted to, which is why Valentine's Day Crocs retail for $69.99. In addition, shipping is free, as are returns.

Crocs surprises with clogs for Valentine's Day that exude love in every step