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Zara surprises in January with a discount on fashionable jeans that enhance the figure

Discover which are the 3 pants that are sweeping Zara and that the order will arrive in a short time
Zara's jeans on sale in January
Zara's jeans on sale in January

2022 is left behind, and with it all the insecurities when dressing. Now, in this new year, she shows off a spectacular body with some of Zara jean options. A new season awaits you, so you can add pants to your wardrobe that make you look and feel like a celebrity. At TheLook, we chose the most neutral models that suit all body types, from curvaceous to slimmer.

Luckily, they are unique pieces, although you may be able to find similar ones in other stores in the United States, such as Amazon or Target. What is really important is that they are functional garments, which go very well with blazers, shirts and sports shoes.

For all occasions the Rise Flare Jeans

The Rise Flare Jeans is a classic that you cannot miss in your closet. It is a high-waisted pants, with front and back pockets. The color of the jean is light blue, a tone that has been in trend since the end of 2022. On the other hand, the pants are tight to the body throughout, except at the bottom, since it is flared. Other features of this model are.

Rise Flare Jeans
Rise Flare Jeans
  • It has a front zipper type closure plus a metallic button
  • The fabric in which it is made is with recycled cotton and elastane
  • Available in all sizes
  • Do not use bleach when you are washing it, you can alter the color
  • The price of the pants is $49.90, but with the 27% discount, you will only pay $35.99, a perfect price to start the year.

Zara mid-rise skinny jeans

The skinny is always an alternative that gets you out of trouble in a matter of seconds. On this occasion, the Zara Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans will be your allies on unexpected outings. It consists of tailored trousers, medium cut and with five well-distributed pockets. The price of this model is $45.00, although it has a 34% discount, leaving the piece with a value of $29.99. Other specifications of the cowboy are as follows.

Zara Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans
Zara Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans
  • It is dark blue
  • Made with organic cotton and elastane
  • It has a zipper closure with a metal button
  • You can use the dryer to dry the pants, just make sure the temperature is low

Improve your style with the Zara Slim Cropped Jeans

The last alternative is for girls who like to wear high-waisted jean, it is the Zara Slim Cropped Jeans. This piece has five pockets, three in the front and two in the back. The color of the pants is bluish, but with a washed effect. On the other hand, the price without the 39% discount is $49.90, but with the discount it is $29.99. Other qualities of the cowboy are.

Zara Slim Cropped Jeans
Zara Slim Cropped Jeans
  • Made of cotton and elastane
  • The closure is traditional zipper
  • The boot of the pants is straight
  • Turn pants inside out to wash
  • Wash the garment separately

5 benefits of recycled cotton

The Zara brand is environmentally conscious, and part of it shows it through these pieces, mostly made with materials that do not harm nature. It should be noted that they only use cotton that has been supervised throughout the process. In this sense, some of its benefits are as follows.

  • Minimizes the use of virgin raw material, improves an opportunity for unused fiber
  • It does not need so many processes for its sustainability
  • It is a soft and breathable fabric for the skin
  • It is free of toxins
  • It is a hypoallergenic fiber

Zara surprises in January with a discount on fashionable jeans that enhance the figure