Thursday. 09.02.2023

The straight neckline dress from Zara that is triumphing in the winter sales — 80% discount

With this dress you will create an incredible look for the summer season, going to the beach or a walk in the park

The Zara dress that is a trend at a bargain price
The Zara dress that is a trend at a bargain price

This year the Zara collections have been on sale, and still taking advantage of the winter season, the printed dress arrives at an affordable price for everyone. The attribute of this pretty dress is that it is perfect to wear in hot weather. What's more, you can keep the garment until the summer season approaches.

The design of the dress is in trend, the upper part will highlight the neck area, and the length is indicated. At TheLook we are fascinated by showing you pieces that you can get a lot of use out of. Remember that it is the time of the year to equip yourself with clothes for all seasons in the United States.

printed silk dress
printed silk dress

Zara Printed Silk Dress

The maxi dress is wonderful, they make you look slim and elegant in an instant, especially if you know how to combine it with the pieces you already have in your closet. On this occasion, the Zara Printed Silk Dress is a printed silk dress that suits all body types.

Part of its charms is the pronounced neckline, it is a straight neckline with an opening at the front and back. In addition, it is held by the neck by means of thin straps that you can adjust without problems.

Additionally, on the sides of the waist the silk fabric is gathered to enhance your figure. For its part, the type of closure is with a zipper, which is hidden so that the finish of the dress on your body is as expected.

Clothing materials

  • Upper part: silk and elastane
  • Bottom: viscous
  • Coating: polyester and elastane
zara silk dress
zara silk dress

How to wear silk clothes

  • If you want to combine the dress with another garment, make sure it is not too shiny.
  • Do not mix two silk items at the same time. The advice is that you opt for pants or a shirt.
  • Do not take away the importance of the silk piece. What you should do is that the rest of the clothes you wear should be less flashy.
  • Choose to mix silk with denim and cotton garments. Also, that they are neutral colors, not bright.

Dress care

One way to preserve the state of the garment is to brush and refresh it, especially those made of delicate fabrics. What's more, you can dry clean this dress, but we recommend that you take it to a dry cleaner for this process. On the other hand, other measures that you do not have to forget are the following.

  • Do not use bleaching products or other substances that can damage the fabric
  • Do not iron the dress
  • Do not put it in the dryer, it is better to dry it in the open air, but without being exposed to the sun. Find a shady spot. Otherwise, you may lose the characteristic bright color.
zara printed silk dress
zara printed silk dress
  • Do not apply perfumes or lotions when wearing the dress, as it can stain. So, first you apply the fragrance and then you put on the dress.
  • Do not remove stains with water. Remember that water can damage the fabric
  • Do not hang clothes, instead fold clothes carefully

Price of the Zara Printed Silk Dress

As we told you, the dress is on sale, it has a discount of 80%, which is incredible. Before the promotion, the cost of the piece was $259.00, but now you only have to pay $49.99.

The straight neckline dress from Zara that is triumphing in the winter sales — 80%...