Wednesday. 01.02.2023

These Zara sneakers with a 55% discount cannot be missing from your wardrobe this winter

These Zara high-sole models represent a casual and elegant style, even when you're exercising

Shoes at a very good price in Zara
Shoes at a very good price in Zara

In the world we live in, footwear has to be functional and all-terrain, and from TheLook we want to show you sneakers from the Zara store. This time, the United States store is committed to some copies that provide you with being fashionable, but with safety and comfort.

We know that on Amazon you can find well-known brands like Adidas, but this women's shoe came to mark a before and after in the way you complement an outfit. In addition, Zara is focused on youth clothing and for all ages. Relive past seasons on the web so that you can combine Zara jeans and jackets with these shoes.

Style when walking with Running Shoes

Have you seen more beautiful female shoes? The Zara Running Shoes are footwear designed to travel long distances, practically, it is a hybrid shoe in materials and colors. The sole of the shoe is thick, measuring 1.6" (4 cm) approximately, so it won't bother you and is perfect for all types of terrain. More qualities of the shoe are.

  • Each part of the shoe is made of different materials, starting with the upper part, which is made of polyurethane, nylon and polyester.
  • Added to this, the coating is polyester, like the tongue of the shoe
  • The price of this shoe is $89.90, but it has a 44% discount applied, as a result the cost of the shoe becomes $49.99.

Casual sneakers Zara Leather Shoes

The next one to mention is the Leather Running Shoes, this model follows the same line as the previous one, it is a high sole that measures 1.6”, which would be approximately 4 cm. Unlike the first issue, this shoe has some neoprene details on the upper. For its part, it has a rear tab that does not have a specific function, other than to hold the shoes. Other features are.

  • The closure system is traditional with laces, while the sole has nothing traditional, but is made of polyurethane foam.
  • In other words, walking will be a pleasant experience, thanks to the comfort of the sole
  • The 44% discount also applies to this sneaker, with a value of $49.99

Platforms Zara Rhinestone Running Shoes

The Rhinestone Running Shoes combine perfectly, even with an elegant outfit. However, the difference with the previous copies is the sole, since this one is even higher. In this sense, it is 0.5 cm more, leaving a total of 1.8”. Another outstanding quality is that the fabric in which they are made is in a higher proportion of polyurethane and elastane. In any case, other sports data are as follows.

  • Without a doubt, these shoes are more feminine, and it's not because of the colors, since they have the basic black and white, but because they have rhinestones on the sides of the shoe.
  • Of course, it has a closure system by means of laces
  • Obviously these running shoes are joining the Zara 44% discount party. Before the sale the shoes were $89.90, but now their value is $49.99.

Shoe care and maintenance

  • Do not put them in the washing machine, always wash them by hand
  • Never submerge a shoe in water, it could damage it
  • To remove dirt, do not use bleach or other chemical products that can damage the shoe
  • Dry them in the open air

These Zara sneakers with a 55% discount cannot be missing from your wardrobe this winter