Wednesday. 08.02.2023

Zara Home's solution to keep your home organized while decorating

One of the most successful Spanish stores in the United States is Zara Home, and for functional and versatile products like these is that it takes all the credit today.
Easy way to organize at home
Easy way to organize at home

Zara Home remains an avant-garde, reliable store for all people who love to innovate in decoration, comfort, and organization of the home. Above all, if you enjoy the exquisite combination of elegance with functionality, each accessory at home is more than just an ornament. This time in The Look, we have seen 3 models of baskets that one day you can use to go on a picnic with your friends, and the next to order what you want in your kitchen.

And what a modern and self-sufficient consumer is looking for is adequate quality according to the established price. Modern life goes a thousand per hour, and it is not only about banal things but about taking advantage of everything we have at home. Therefore, more than baskets, they are a utensil that you can use a lot, that you can find in any Zara Home store in the United States and that unseats Amazon and Urban Outfitters.

Zara Home Bamboo Basket with Handles

To begin, we have the Bamboo Basket with Handles that stands out for being the most natural and faithful to the design and color of bamboo. Zara Home undoubtedly stood out in this design because despite being made only with bamboo strips, it is highly resistant, elegant, and functional. It provides a carefree look and is very attached to nature, but maintains the ability to make any space look elegant and modern.


On the other hand, you enjoy a set of three baskets of different sizes to generate a contrast in case you decide to place them on a shelf. Depending on what you want to store inside, you have three different sizes, weights, and depths. However, they all have the same composition:

  • Outer Shell:
    • 77% bamboo.
    • 23% rattan.
  • Coating:
    • 100% cotton.

Its maintenance is very simple, and you can have it for a comfortable price of $22.90. Since they are a simple dry microfiber cloth you can remove dust and any particles on the surface. In that case, Zara Home recommends that:

  • Don't wash.
  • Does not use bleach.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not dry in a dryer.

Square Rattan Basket

Designed for those who want to improve the storage of their bathrooms or the sink room, Zara Home has at a discount the Square rattan basket game. However, keep in mind that this time the price varies depending on the size of the baskets you want to choose. The price may vary depending on:

  • 11.8" x 14.2" x 14.2" basket: $49.90.
  • 15" x 18.5" x 18.5" basket: $89.90.
  • 18.1" x 24.8" x 24.8" basket: $119.

Unlike the previous model, these baskets are made entirely of rattan wood. Making them highly durable, and able to support a greater weight. That is why they are perfect for storing clothes or any type of household sheets, to maintain hygiene and care.

Zara Home Rattan basket

Zara Home certainly knows how to take advantage of the properties of Rattan wood, to create very functional and practical home tools. On this occasion, present the Rattan Basket, which can be a fantastic option as a pot for your plants. Especially for being resistant, durable, and withstands many types of climates and surfaces. In addition, measures such as:

  • Height: 28".
  • Width: 24.4".
  • Depth: 24.4".
  • Weight: 2.73 Kg.

It is capable of supporting the weight of a large plant. And thanks to its light color that was not modified by any type of chemicals, it is perfect for a simple, elegant, and modern decoration. All for a comfortable price of $129.

Zara Home's solution to keep your home organized while decorating