Sunday. 02.04.2023
ALDI Crofton Mini Frying Pan
ALDI frying pans causing a furor among customers

You can turn lunchtime into a fun activity, and all because of the kitchen utensils. At TheLook we know that in Zara Home and Amazon you can find quality items, but not like the pans that ALDI is bringing this season. Practically, you will have a healthy diet, since you do not need to use oil, because the food will not stick to the pan.

Next, you find a perfect pan so you can make the typical United States breakfast, some delicious pancakes with honey and chopped fruit, for the little ones in the house. To know more details about it, continue reading.

Crofton Mini Frying Pan
Crofton Mini Frying Pan

ALDI Crofton Mini Frying Pan

At first glance, the Crofton Mini Frying Pan does not seem to attract attention, but the truth is that the line of these pans offers you a wide range of varieties. In this way, you can order the deep, flat or pot-type pan.

For their part, they come in a variety of colors such as gray, green, blue, among others. In addition, the handle of the frying pan is made of resistant materials and does not heat up, although as a precaution, never handle it without a thick cloth. As for the price, each pan is worth $4.99. Other important features are.

  • Choose between the mini pan or wok pan, the mini saucepan and the mini grill pan
  • Wok pan dimensions: 7.87”
  • Grill pan dimensions: 7.09 x 7.87”
  • Pan dimensions: 6.3”
  • The saucepan can be used to make rice, stews and soups
  • The grill pan is useful for cooking meat, chicken or fish
  • You can prepare individual portions
  • The surface is non-stick
ALDI Crofton Mini Frying Pan
ALDI Crofton Mini Frying Pan

Crofton Pancake Bread Assortment

Next on the list is the Crofton Pancake Pan Assortment. It is a being of pans with molds so you can make pancakes. In addition, you can choose between three comfortable and easy-to-use models.

Added to this, the price of each pan is worth $11.99. A super affordable price. You should know that these pans are compatible with all types of stoves, from gas, electric, halogen, and ceramic hobs. Other important details are as follows.

  • There are three models available. The first one is a smooth surface pan, the second one is the “Have a nice day” pan, and the last one is the “Let's go camping” pan.
  • The pan "Have a good day" has 7 fun designs, the motif are animals and phrases.
  • The pan "Let's go camping" also has 7 designs including animals (rabbit, lion, fish) and camping utensils.
  • The coating of all pans is non-stick
  • Cleaning the pans is super easy
  • The handle of the pans is ergonomic, which makes it easier for you to handle it
  • One of the materials in which these pans are made is aluminum
  • Crepe Pan Dimensions (Smooth Surface Pan): 17.5 x 9.8”
  • Dimensions of pans with designs: 18.15 x 10.23”
Crofton Pancake Bread Assortment
Crofton Pancake Bread Assortment

How to clean nonstick pans

Cleaning these types of pans is practical, and you don't need special utensils to do it. In this sense, the steps to follow are:

  • Never use metallic sponges, since you can remove the surface of the pan and damage it.
  • With a damp cloth, remove the remains of food
  • Next, pour water over the surface of the pan
  • With a damp cloth or soft sponge, rub the surface of the pan to finish removing any excess food.
  • Finally, with a soft cloth, dry the entire pan and store in a cool place

ALDI does it again: pans worthy of five-star restaurant kitchens at a bargain price