Tuesday. 31.01.2023
ALDI furniture that angers IKEA
ALDI furniture that angers IKEA

The experts of The Look have been tremendously surprised this day by an ALDI product that has managed to win excellent reviews and total public acceptance. Managing to unseat one of the best-selling shelves of IKEA in the United States so far, making us turn our eyes to its quality, price, durability, and elegance. The German store has not been left with its hands crossed this 2023.

We are talking about the SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet, perfect for the organization of your home. With a design that adapts to any space, it makes it easier for you to renovate your home this season. In addition, it helps you prepare for the change of season so that in spring you can store all those winter accessories and give a new air to your spaces. But there are many other reasons why this cabinet is the protagonist today in our portal, let's see the details:

ALDI SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet
ALDI SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet

ALDI SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet

Functional furniture is essential to prevent clutter within a home and to be able to live in a better way. Within the ALDI catalog, there are many options that help you say goodbye to such problems. Among them, the SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet model is one of the best, of the timeless style it has and its wide capacity.

This is a product that adapts to your needs with ease, to help you have a better organization within your home. Therefore, SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet helps you save time when searching for an object. At the same time, the presence of this product allows you to reduce the time you spend cleaning and collecting accessories.

Fits into different spaces

Among the main qualities of this ALDI product, we must highlight its design and structure. It is made in a versatile way that can fit within different sites of a home. That is, you have the option to install this furniture in your living room, bedroom, or even in kitchen. The limit of its capacity is set by you.

By having a solid frame with a glass window on the front doors, you can clearly see everything you store inside. In this way, the cabinet will adapt naturally to the space you want. In addition to this, being a compact and lightweight product, you can move it from place to time every so often.

Adjustable shelf

It is also necessary to emphasize that this cabinet model has a wonderful shelf of adjustable capacity inside. Therefore, you can adapt the space to your personal needs or preferences. This way you make sure that all the objects you are going to store fit in a natural way, without having to force anything inside the cabinet.

ALDI SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet Price

In the weekly specials section of the official ALDI website, you can get the SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet model. This model of storage furniture is available for an economical price of only $89.99. And best of all, within the ALDI website, there are multiple payment options to make the purchase.

Muy similar al BRIMNES Cabinet with doors de IKEA

This functional piece of furniture from ALDI has many similarities with the BRIMNES Cabinet with doors model from IKEA. Next, we will tell you how they differ between them, in case you want to compare quality and find the best for you.

IKEA BRIMNES Cabinet with doors
IKEA BRIMNES Cabinet with doors
  • The ALDI model is ivory, while IKEA's is white.
  • Both have a different composition in the glass windows of the doors.
  • The IKEA cabinet has a higher height than ALDI, making it difficult to move.
  • The overall composition of ALDI's product differs from that of IKEA, due to the materials.

ALDI launches living room furniture for only $89 to unseat IKEA's best-seller