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ALDI beats IKEA with multifunctional cart that helps keep the house organized

Organize your work implements with the new ALDI organizer and leave your room impeccable

Huntington Home Drawer Rolling Cart ALDI
Huntington Home Drawer Rolling Cart ALDI

The United States is the battlefield between the big stores that are experts in decoration, such as ALDI, IKEA and Costco. From TheLook, we are looking at an organizer cart or cabinet for you to store the utensils that you need to have at your fingertips. What you will not be able to believe is that it is one of the pieces of furniture that is sweeping sales.

So that you have a clearer idea, we are talking about the Huntington Home Drawer Rolling Cart, the complement that your room was missing so that it is tidy all the time. The design is perfect, because it matches any decoration you already have. On the other hand, you can use it for your spring products, so you don't take up space from other objects in your room.

Huntington Home Drawer Rolling Cart

The Huntington Home Drawer Rolling Cart is an organizing cart with wheels, an important feature, because it means that you can move the cart around the room without problems. In addition to this, two of the four wheels have the property of blocking.

el huntington home drawer rolling cart
el huntington home drawer rolling cart

For its part, the structure of the organizer with wheels is quite simple. Basically, it consists of two pillars made of resistant materials, which have steps to support the drawers. Other relevant qualities of the organizer are the following.

  • Has a total of 12 drawers. The former have smaller dimensions, while the latter two have greater storage capacity.
  • In the central part of the drawers you have a detail in black, which is used so that you can open the drawer.
  • Drawer dimensions are 24.96 x 15.24 x 31.53”
  • It is perfect for you to store clothes, office supplies, stationery, notebooks, in short, whatever you want.
  • You can place it in your room or in the office
  • The drawers can be disassembled
  • It is easy to clean

2 tips for choosing an organizer cart

The organizing carts are necessary utensils, but you have to take these three aspects into account to choose the one that best suits you.

  • Storage capacity: This is relevant according to what you want to store. If it is for your room, about 5 drawers are more than enough, but if it is for an office, you need more storage space.
  • Mobility: Make sure that the cart has wheels, in this way, you can move all the things you need, instead of just one thing.
ALDI huntington home drawer rolling cart
ALDI huntington home drawer rolling cart

Huntington Home Drawer Rolling Cart Price

ALDI products are known for their affordable prices. On this occasion, the cost of this organizer car cannot be appreciated from the official portal, but you must go to one of the branches and ask the price.

Other accessories to complement

In the ALDI special week, you will always find quality products at low prices. For this reason, we show you another finding that you can combine with this organizer.

SOHL Furniture Velvet Office Chair

It is about the SOHL Furniture Velvet Office Chair, a chair for the office or your room. This chair stands out for its comfort and its velvety finish. Before going further, the price of this furniture is $59.99, a reasonable price, considering the quality. So, other details of the chair are as follows.

furniture velvet office chair
furniture velvet office chair
  • It is easy to install and use
  • The dimensions of the chair are 21.65 x 20 x 30.3”
  • The height of the chair is adjustable
  • Also, it has a vertical lock
  • The backrest has a nice detail
  • It is grey
  • Supports a total of 220 pounds

ALDI beats IKEA with multifunctional cart that helps keep the house organized