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To carry the mobile, the keys, to go to the gym... ALDI bags for less than $7 for daily use

Carry all your personal items always with you with these new bags that ALDI brings for you.

The best ALDI bags are there to make your life easier and complement your outfits
The best ALDI bags are there to make your life easier and complement your outfits

Have you heard of the new bags that are sweeping the ALDI catalog? At The Look, we love casual styles, those that you can wear wherever and whenever you want. Because they are also so practical that they will serve you almost anything, so are the new bags that the German store has available throughout the United States.

With models very similar to those of Adidas, they turn out to be the perfect accessory for a student, worker, or gym lover. And as we have become accustomed, they are at a fantastic price that suits any kind of budget. So, it is worth having them as part of your wardrobe, especially since they are durable, of excellent quality, and with a fairly neutral design that expands your options enormously.

ALDI Gear Belt Bag

To carry your phone, keys, wallets, and other essential accessories, there is no better option than ALDI's Gear Belt Bag model. These are bags of different styles that stand out for their compact size. Therefore, they are easy to take anywhere and will serve to keep you more organized with your things. These have the following characteristics:

ALDI Gear Belt Bag
ALDI Gear Belt Bag
  • It has interior pockets for greater order and an external one for greater versatility.
  • It has an easily accessible main compartment and ample interior space to store what you want.
  • The belt strap can be adjusted to the user's preferences or physical build.
  • The bag has a pleasant texture of high quality. This can be cleaned quite easily.

Without a doubt, the ALDI Gear Belt Bag model can be used for multiple occasions. Its design can be adapted to casual outings, work, trips, or natural excursions. And best of all, it is an accessory that you can combine without problems. If you want to buy it, on the ALDI website it is available for a price of $6.99.

ALDI Serra Weekends Bag

On the other hand, within the ALDI online catalog there are also larger options that offer more possibilities to the user. We refer to the Serra Weekender Bag model that will allow you to take everything you want with you. This is a large bag with an ergonomic design for easy carrying. The main specifications it has are the following:

ALDI Serra Weekender Bag
ALDI Serra Weekender Bag
  • It has a zippered front pocket and sliding pockets on the sides for organized storage.
  • The interior design of the bag also has pockets to facilitate the order of your personal items.
  • The shoulder strap has a pad so as not to disturb and can be adjusted the way you want.
  • The top closure is zipper and allows easy access to the inside of the bag.

The way it's designed, ALDI's Serra Weekender Bag can always have a function. That is, you can take it to train, go on a trip, explore nature and much more. It has enough space to take your personal accessories with you. In addition, it is an economical bag that you can buy for only $19.99.

Cleaning tips

  • It is recommended to clean any of the bags frequently, to remove stains or accumulated dirt.
  • Ideally, you should wash them by hand with warm water to make sure you do not cause damage to their composition.
  • We recommend using a mild soapy solution to remove the most difficult stains.
  • You can use a soft cell brush for more efficient cleaning of the bags.
  • Once you have finished washing them, let them dry in the open air without being in direct contact with the sun.

To carry the mobile, the keys, to go to the gym... ALDI bags for less than $7 for daily...