Saturday. 03.06.2023
The robot vacuum cleaner that removes dust in seconds
The robot vacuum cleaner that removes dust in seconds

Day after day, technology advances, and with it household appliances, otherwise you would be in the past. So that this topic does not overwhelm you, TheLook technology experts have taken the task of investigating what utensils can facilitate your domestic cleaning tasks. As a result, they've come across a robot vacuum that Amazon and other stores like Best Buy have on display in their digital catalogue.

On this occasion, we are referring to the Lefant Robot vacuum cleaner, a vacuum cleaner that can clean any type of surface without leaving a trace of dirt. More and more people are investing in this product, and below, we will discuss the reasons.

Amazon's Lefant robot vacuum cleaner
Amazon's Lefant robot vacuum cleaner

Amazon Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Do you need a cleaning robot that is compact, with a good design and cheap? Well, Amazon's Lefant robot vacuum cleaner may be the solution you were looking for. The design is the first thing that will catch you, because it is ultra-thin, which means that it can vacuum under furniture and beds.

Next, the robot works with thresholds, this means that each time it is going to cross, it will be able to do so freely, guided by a threshold to avoid collisions. Other features of this appliance are as follows.

  • The garbage bin that the robot has built-in has enough capacity, it supports up to 500 ml
  • The life of the robot is 100 minutes per charge, which is equivalent to 1100 square feet. Besides, when the machine is about to discharge, it returns to the base automatically.
  • It is ideal for cleaning all types of floors, from wood, stone, carpets, ceramics and tiles
  • You can choose this model or any of the other three
  • It has a filtering system that eliminates up to 99% of the dust in the room. This feature is perfect for people who constantly suffer from allergies.

Collision free design

You can rest easy and leave the house leaving the robot vacuum running, especially if the place is closed and uneven. However, the anti-collision sensors that the robot has installed will constantly survey the surface, and will detect when there are unevenness, such as stairs.

Cleaning modes
Cleaning modes

Consequently, the robot will take action when it detects that it is close to an edge. At the same time, it has other sensors that have similar tasks such as object mapping, whose function is to locate the objects you have in the room.

Cleaning modes

Another of the attributes of this cleaning utensil are all the modalities it has. Basically, you have six cleaning modes, which are as follows.

  • Smart cleaning
  • Edge cleaning
  • Spot cleaning
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Cleaning time setting
  • Quiet cleaning

In general, you can schedule a cleaning session at the time of day you want. Additionally, the robot will be able to clean a few centimeters from the edges, and repeat the vacuuming process several times on a surface.

Technology for your movement

The movement of this cleaning machine is extraordinary, since it uses the Lefant M210 Robotic Vacuum technology. In simple words, it consists of a system that helps the robot identify everything in its environment. In this way, the movement will be more fluid.

Lefant M210 Robotic Vacuum technology
Lefant M210 Robotic Vacuum technology

Amazon Lefant Robot Vacuum Price

The price of this jewel is $129.99. It is worth mentioning that, on Amazon, it is not available at the moment, but you can enter the official store of the Lefant brand, and request it directly.

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