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Best Buy's Most Expensive Digital Watch
Best Buy's Most Expensive Digital Watch

The Best Buy store has an almost infinite catalog of smart watches that attract attention for their quality and price, what's more, some of the most valued on the platform are those of the Garmin brand. This is the Fenix 6X Pro watch, a spectacle that you will wear on your wrist, and that resembles the Apple Watch, which you can find anywhere in the United States, and that can be yours.

If a dream you've always had is a digital watch that looks like Apple's, but has been complicated by the price, at Best Buy you can find good and cheap alternatives. From TheLook we are pleased to inform you about the characteristics of this watch.

Garmin smartwatch fenix 6X
garmin smartwatch fenix 6X pro

Best Buy Garmin Smartwatch Fenix 6X Pro

The Garmin Smartwatch Fenix 6X Pro is a smart device for multisport activities. It is made of stainless steel plus a thin layer of DLC. The design quality is perfect, since only on a 1.4” screen, you can execute all the commands. In addition, it is 36% larger than the screen of its predecessors.

Added to this, the watch resists blows and external agents such as water and dust. Additionally, the strap is silicone or titanium. The screen lens is Power Glass.

On the other hand, traditional batteries are not necessary, because the battery is solar-charged. This means that the battery is designed to last 24 hours a day. Now, you will never get tired of using the watch, it has several sports applications that are incorporated for you to use from the first moment

Smart Watch Features

This watch has a lot to offer athletes and other people who are passionate about exercise. So you can get the most out of it, learn what other features your device has.

Multisport information

If you are preparing to go skiing and want to know facts about the snow, this watch provides it for you. Likewise, the metrics that it shows you about ascent and descent are quite accurate.

In addition to this, it has metrics for mountain biking, through two measurements, you can know the difficulty of the trail. On the other hand, do you want to improve your surf technique? It is possible with the clock. Basically, the watch captures on video your movements on the waves. This way, you can review them while you rest.

Smartwatch fenix 6X pro
garmin smartwatch fenix 6X pro

Other disciplines

Exercising is no longer an excuse. It turns out that you can follow Pilates, cardiovascular, weights and yoga routines through the pre-installed videos that the watch brings. Besides, if you want to see more, you can download them from the website.

Monitor heart rate

The watch can show you your heart rate, it uses technology that measures the intensity and variability of your heart rate. Based on these results, you can calculate if you are under stress. It is worth mentioning that the function works in water.

Water state

Dehydration is a state that must be avoided, for this the watch keeps track of the total fluids you have ingested during the day. So, activate a notification to remind you to drink water.

Garmin smartwatch fenix 6X pro
garmin smartwatch fenix 6X pro

Store music

Access your favorite music applications or save up to 2000 melodies. Connect the device to your wireless headphones.

Best Buy Garmin Smartwatch Fenix 6X Pro Price

This sophisticated watch retails for $899.99. Although it may seem like a large sum, you can opt for 12-month financing, with monthly installments of $75 each.

Best Buy's most expensive digital watch isn't from Apple and costs the same as an LG TV