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The elegant two-in-one bed from IKEA that gives space to your children's room — only $179

Keep your kids happy and safe with this innovative bunk bed from IKEA. A perfect accessory to complement the bedroom.

The best bed for little brothers is IKEA
The best bed for little brothers is IKEA

It is not necessary to have a very large space to use the new bed that IKEA has for families with two children. The new Tuffing Bunk Bed Frame, which the Swedish store offers throughout the United States, is the solution to take advantage of the space in the room, and offer splendid comfort in small rooms that are also shared.

On this occasion, IKEA has stood out more than ever, as The Look experts have noticed the excellent quality and indisputable finishes of this bed, which will be everything you needed for your children. Especially since it adapts to your pocket, going from the most expensive models of Zara Home or Amazon. So, it's worth taking a look:

Estructura de litera IKEA TUFFING
TUFFING Bunk bed frame

IKEA Tuffing Bunk Bed Frame

So that your children can play comfortably in their own room, having a bunk bed instead of 2 single beds is the best option. For this reason, IKEA seeks to satisfy your needs with the Tuffing Bunk Bed Frame model from its catalogue. It is a modern bunk bed with a practical and elegant design.

The Tuffing Bunk Bed Frame model stands out for its splendid construction. Not only because it saves space inside the room, but also because it offers security. In this way, you can be sure that your children will not suffer any accidents while they sleep. This is a quality product to use for many years.

A smart choice

Due to its design and construction, IT adapts to the lifestyle of parents who have 2 or more children. Above all, because it allows all needs to be covered within the same space. The composition of the bunk offers support and has the ideal dimensions for children to sleep in total well-being.

These types of bunk beds also provide a wonderful play opportunity for children. They can create their own space to enjoy as friends and not feel alone at any time. At the same time, it will allow you to connect and create a bond of brotherhood by always being together within the same room.

Estructura de litera TUFFING de IKEA
TUFFING Bunk bed frame

Save space without losing comfort

This bunk bed model is ideal to have inside a small room, since it will allow you to save space. In this way, children will not be left without an area to play or do any other recreational activity. In addition, everyone can customize their personal space to express themselves..

Safety tips for worry-free sleep

  • Make sure your children are the right age to sleep in the bunk. This is a product recommended for children over 6 years old.
  • Bunk ladders should remain safe, firm and without any obstacles in the way. In this way, children can climb without any problem.
  • Make sure the railings are safe to prevent accidents while children sleep.
  • Educate your children well so that they understand the possible risks of the bunk bed. You must teach them that this is a product for sleep and not for play.
TUFFING Armazón de litera
TUFFING Bunk bed frame from IKEA

IKEA Tuffing Bunk Bed Frame Price

To this day, the best option to buy the IKEA Tuffing Bunk Bed Frame model is directly from the official website. You can get this product in the Children's Beds section, with a cheap price of $179.00. However, you should keep in mind that mattresses and pillows will have to be purchased separately.

The elegant two-in-one bed from IKEA that gives space to your children's room — only $179