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ALDI surprises with the ideal kitchen product for lovers of Chinese food — less than $10

The new two-piece steamer is already at ALDI. Prepare delicious recipes without spending hours in the kitchen

The ALDI product for healthy cooking at a good price
The ALDI product for healthy cooking at a good price

Bring Asian culture to the United States with this bamboo steamer that you get at ALDI. It turns a classic breakfast, it is an unforgettable and very particular experience. You can cook whatever you want, but steamed. From now on be a healthy food expert and leave the cooking in the toaster, air fryer and nonstick pans a little.

This kitchen utensil is perfect if you have a limited budget, a value that you will not find in other stores such as Zara Home and Amazon. From TheLook we care about the way you cook your food, and we are always willing to show you new options for your home.

crofton bamboo steamer
crofton bamboo steamer

Crofton Bamboo Steamer

Don't let them tell you, better live the cooking experience in the Crofton Bamboo Steamer. Perhaps, in this part of the world they are not used to cooking with this utensil, but it is perfect if you want to prepare food without a drop of oil, and preserving all the nutrients of the food.

Basically, this steamer consists of two pieces, a base and a lid. Both are made of bamboo, a biodegradable and ecological natural material. In turn, while you cook the rice in this container, you can use another for the meat.

In this sense, it is a utensil that allows you to be versatile and save time in the kitchen. Added to this, it does not take up a large space in the kitchen.

Steamer qualities

  • Dimensions: 10” diameter
  • Material: 100% bamboo
  • You can cook rice, vegetables, seafood, among others
  • Easy to clean
aldi crofton bamboo
aldi crofton bamboo

How to use a Crofton Bamboo Steamer

  • In a pot, place enough water, but without reaching the top. Let the liquid boil
  • Next, place the food you are going to cook inside the steamer. Also, you can place them in a container, and the container inside the steamer
  • Place on top of the pot, the steamer and the lids
  • After a few minutes have passed, check the food and see if it is already cooked
  • Turn off the heat and remove the steamer from the pot
  • You can place the steamer on the table

How to clean a Crofton Bamboo Steamer

As the steamer is made of a natural material, it is important that, when cleaning the utensil, you can be somewhat delicate. Otherwise, you can ruin it.

For its part, most of the time, the steamer is practically clean, but you can follow the following recommendations.

  • Never wash the steamer in the dishwasher. Do it by hand instead
  • When you are going to clean it, use lukewarm water
  • Do not immerse the steamer in water
  • If there are food remains, you can remove them with the help of a fine bristle brush.
  • Do not overdo the soap or detergent, since the material can absorb these elements. This way, the next time you use the steamer, your food will taste like the detergent.
  • If there are remains that are difficult to remove, you can make a mixture of warm water and vinegar. With this solution, clean the area where the remains are.
  • Do not store the steamer wet. Dry the steamer with the help of a cotton cloth
  • Leave to dry in a cool place, but away from the sun's rays
aldi crofton bamboo steamer
aldi crofton bamboo steamer

Crofton Bamboo Steamer Price

Can you believe that this product only has a cost of $9.99? However, due to its cheap price, it can run out of stock faster. On the other hand, the price may vary from one branch to another.

ALDI surprises with the ideal kitchen product for lovers of Chinese food — less than $10