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Costco's giant sofa discounted $500 off
Costco's giant sofa discounted $500 off

You can easily find the four-seater sectional sofa in the Costco digital catalog with a special discount. At TheLook we show you a compact sofa where all your friends and family can be, ideal so that you don't have to look for other furniture, and you can easily locate your guests.

In addition, it is furniture that is comparable to the best products in other stores in the United States such as Target or Zara Home, since it is comfortable, functional, versatile and fashionable. Besides, it is only a matter of days for you to receive the furniture, remember that Costco is a company that stands out not only for interior design items, but also for the home appliances it has to offer.

cayson 4 piece fabric sectional
cayson 4 piece fabric sectional

Thomasville Cayson 4-Piece Fabric Sectional

Are you looking for a functional piece of furniture at a good price? The Thomasville Cayson 4-Piece Fabric Sectional is a piece of furniture that includes a chaise longue and an ottoman, perfect so that entertaining at any time is not a problem. Basically, it includes a stationary chaise longue plus a sofa with arms, additionally a loveseat with arm and lastly an ottoman.

The entire furniture is upholstered with gray polyester fabric. It should be noted that the seats are comfortable and are made with a pocket coil cushion. For its part, the spring suspension is sinuous.

Another of the attributes of the furniture is that it includes two pillows that you can place anywhere in the furniture. The bases that support the structure are super resistant, because the legs are made of solid wood.

Specific characteristics

  • General dimensions of the section: 130 x 101.5 x 36”
  • Overall Weight: 356.4 pounds
  • Chaise longue dimensions: 34.5 x 70 x 36”
  • One arm sofa: 101.5 x 37 x 36”
  • Sofa without arm: 60.5 x 37 x 36”
  • Ottoman: 36.2 x 23.7 x 17”
  • Seat height: 17.5”
  • Seat depth: 55”
  • Rear height: 28”
  • Arm width: 4.5”
  • Arm height: 28”
  • Upholstery: Fabric
  • Furniture style: contemporary
thomasville cayson 4 piece
thomasville cayson 4 piece

Ideal furniture for open concept

Surely, you have seen an open concept house before, in general, this type of furniture is the one that usually occupies the space in the main room. On this occasion, the furniture is built with materials that allow it to combine with multiple styles and designs.A positive point is the shape of the furniture, since it is in a "U", which allows a closer and more direct sharing between people.

Care and maintenance

  • Do not expose the furniture to direct sunlight. This means that you cannot place them in open spaces.
  • Avoid sources of heat around the furniture
  • Do not eat or drink liquid on the furniture so that it does not stain
  • In case of stains you can use a fabric and upholstery remover or cleaner
  • Do not use detergents that are not suitable for furniture because they can damage or stain
  • You can use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the surface of the furniture
thomasville cayson 4 piece fabric sectional
thomasville cayson 4 piece fabric sectional

Costco sofa price

Being a product of such a category, it is not surprising that the cost is a bit high. However, it is on sale with a discount off $500. In this sense, the piece of furniture, which cost $2,399.99, is now priced at $1,899.99.

Likewise, the promotion is valid until supplies last or until January 27 of the current year. For more information, you can read the terms and conditions.

Costco's giant living room sofa that IKEA can't compete with — $500 off