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The ideal Costco furniture for the living room
The ideal Costco furniture for the living room

Order and elegance, are two words that when combined, result in a unique, modern, and relaxing space. The best-selling Costco bookstore, besides being very versatile, has a dark wood finish that makes it ideal for a rustic and vintage environment, without neglecting the charm of the modern. You can buy it anywhere in the United States, and it is ideal for offices, living rooms, and offices.

This time in The Look we leave aside the shelves and bookcases of IKEA and Urban Outfitters because the details of the Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall are unmissable. And although there are many models within its web catalog, this one, in particular, stands out for its quality, price, and ability to completely change the appearance of your rooms.

Costco Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall
Costco Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall

Costco Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall

Keeping all your personal books and accessories in order at home is often a tedious process. Especially when you need to look for them and you waste a lot of time on it. For this reason, Costco seeks to solve these organizational problems to its customers, with the Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall product. An excellent option to decorate your home.

This is a classic style product, with easy installation and simple maintenance. Therefore, Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall has a lifecycle that extends for many years. And best of all, it is a wardrobe that you can use the way you want and best suits your needs. In this way, you can have the best possible order in your home.

With adjustable shelves

One of the main reasons for the great utility of this Costco product is the versatility of its shelves. These can be adjusted at different levels, to suit the type of object you want to place on them. Thanks to this, you can decorate the wardrobe in different ways, with the accessories of your preference or that best fit.

In addition to this, it is necessary to emphasize that the adjustable shelves of the bookcase are easy to move and do not present many problems. Then, you will have the option to change its positioning whenever you want. So, you can improve the decoration of your office or any other space in the house where you decide to install this splendid Costco wardrobe.

It has 2-door shelves

To complement the adjustable shelves at the top of the bookcase, the bottom has 3 2-door shelves. So you can store in an organized way your books or other accessories that you are not going to use frequently. These are kept cool and free of moisture so that their condition remains impeccable for a long time.

The doors are of a solid texture, close easily, and have the same design as the rest of the library. However, these lower shelves do not have the ability to adjust to user preferences.

Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall
Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall

Other design details

  • Its composition is a mixture of aged bronze hardware with a silver finish.
  • It uses selected hardwoods and Mindi veneers for its elaboration.
  • It has the following measures: 96" wide x 13" deep x 75" high.
  • Bookstore with a weight of 423 pounds.
  • You can clean it with a damp cloth and a dry cloth.

Costco Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall Price

Currently, the Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall model from Costco can be purchased directly from the official website. This home product is available at a $600.00 discount. Therefore, its original price of $2,999.99 is reduced to $2,399.99. This includes delivery, installation, and removal of packaging from the cabinet.

Costco's 2-in-1 furniture with which you will save space like never before