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The Costco stove for winter that makes your garden or terrace always summer

The nights on the terrace will no longer be cold with the new furniture that you find in the Costco catalog

The Costco stove for winter that makes your garden or terrace always summer
The Costco stove for winter that makes your garden or terrace always summer

Turn your garden or terrace into a warm and comfortable place to share. Despite the fact that spring is approaching, the nights in the United States continue to be cold, and from TheLook, we do not want that to be an obstacle for you to invite your friends to have a pleasant time. For this reason, we want to tell you about the accessory that Costco has, and it diverted the eyes of Zara Home and Walmart customers.

We are talking about the SunVilla Dakota Fire Pit, an accessory with which you will not only stay at a suitable temperature, but its elegant and modern design is perfect for decorating the area where you place it. Find out all the details below.

sunvilla dakota fire pit
sunvilla dakota fire pit

SunVilla Dakota Fire Pit

The SunVilla Dakota Fire Pit, or better known as a little fire pit, is a furniture-type accessory that serves as a table and heats the environment. Basically, it is a square structure, made with materials that withstand climatic changes, that is, it is designed to be outdoors.

Added to this, the sides are built with ceramic tiles that follow a Chevron pattern. The final finish is similar to the design of the wood. Also, in the portal they specify that the style is mosaic, in the end, what is really important is that it hides the propane tank.

Another positive point is that a flame is emitted from its center, but from which no smoke is emitted, the result is a clean flame. Also, the frame of the structure is made of quite resistant aluminum.

Delicate and elegant design

Design is the strong point of this fire pit. The fire bowl has tiles that were worked by hand, which is why it looks so flawless. In addition to this, it is a super elegant and functional accessory.

In this sense, you can use the accessory through a button to light the fire, and with the heat controls you can choose the intensity of the flame. Now, since smoke does not form, you will not have the problem of smelling smoke once the meeting is over.

sunvilla dakota fire
sunvilla dakota fire

In addition, the design includes a lid that you can place on the accessory, and transform it into a table so that you can place what you want. Finally, the entire design is designed so that you can place it outside.

Technical details

  • Brand: SunVilla
  • Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 24.8"
  • Weight: 78 pounds
  • Fuel: propane gas
  • Propane tank capacity: 20 lbs.
  • Color: Gray

Maintenance and care

The maintenance of the accessory is very simple. As for cleaning, it is enough to use a detergent that is not strong, you can help with a hose to wash the accessory. Besides, let it stay in the open air.

  • Check the gas system periodically. The recommendation is that every time you use it you can inspect its operation.
  • Never leave the flame burning unattended
  • Place it in a place away from children
Costco sunvilla dakota fire pit
Costco sunvilla dakota fire pit

SunVilla Dakota Fire Pit Price

The price is the least of it, especially when you are conditioning the spaces of your house to make it more enjoyable for you and yours. At this time, the value of this fire pit is $429.99. However, it is discounted by $130.00, leaving you with $299.99.

This promotion is valid until February 26 of the current year. To know the terms and conditions, you can read them on the Costco website.

The Costco stove for winter that makes your garden or terrace always summer