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The Costco sofa that surpasses IKEA that Jennifer Lopez would put in her mansion

Have a restful rest without leaving home. Costco new sectional is stylish and comfortable

Costco Keyes Fabric Sectional
The Costco corner sofa that surpasses the IKEA one

The main characteristic of the Costco sectional is comfort, so much so that the store's catalog is about to run out. The look of the furniture will captivate you immediately, but the resistant and durable materials in which it is made will do so faster. You will never know what a back pain is again, since it reduces the tension in that area.

At TheLook, we opt for furniture that not only harmonizes with the rest of the design accessories in your home, but is also comforting and good for the health of your spine. We know that in the United States there are thousands of options, and stores like Walmart and Amazon, but this simple piece of furniture will be one of the best investments of your year.

keyes fabric sectional
keyes fabric sectional

Comfortable Keyes Fabric Sectional

The Keyes Fabric Sectional is a very good alternative if you want to renew the atmosphere of your room. It is an “L” shaped sectional or chaise longue, which is spacious enough to allow several people to sit and share.

Added to this, the arms of the furniture are comfortable and large. Additionally, the headrest can be adjusted, as a result you will have extra support and padding. Continuing, all the furniture is padded and has lines that perfectly mark the design.

For its part, the furniture is upholstered with velvety fabric that gives it an elegant and quite modern finish. As for the legs, they are made of resistant metal, in this way, an impeccable combination is achieved and nothing overloaded. Finally, throughout the furniture, the lines that run form small depressions that continue to add to the elegant style.

Sectional qualities

  • You have two colors available, orange and green
  • It is made of polyester
  • It is a piece of furniture with fast delivery
  • The sectional is included in the products with the option of "buy more, save more"
  • The furniture was made in China
  • It has a total of 5 seats
  • The sectional has an "L" shape
Costco keyes fabric sectional
Costco keyes fabric sectional

Technical details

  • Brand: Gilman Creek Furniture
  • Overall Sectional Dimensions: 114" L x 93.7" W x 40" H
  • Left arm facing loveseat dimensions: 72" L x 42.5" W x 40" H
  • Right Arm Facing Chaise Dimensions: 42" L x 93.7" W x 40" H
  • Seat dimensions: 61.4 x 42”
  • Cushion dimensions: 72.8 x 17.7”
  • Armrest dimensions: 10.6" W and 25.2" H
  • Weight capacity per seat: 300 pounds

Special cares

In order to prolong the useful life of the furniture, periodically, you must clean it, to prevent dust from deteriorating it. Put these recommendations into practice for your care.

  • Vacuum the furniture regularly
  • If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, you can clean the furniture with a soft, slightly damp cloth.
  • If the furniture is stained, you can use chemical products suitable for the upholstery of the furniture.
  • To prevent the furniture from fading, do not expose it to natural light for a long time
  • Do not push or pull the furniture by the arms to avoid damaging the seams
Costco keyes sectional
Costco keyes sectional

Price of the Keyes Fabric Sectional

Finally, most importantly, the price. It is no surprise to anyone that Costco is characterized by the reductions in the cost of its products, and this sectional is no exception. In this way, the original value is $1,999.99, but with the offer you have $1,499.99.

In other words, you are saving $500.00. The promotion is valid until February 12 or until the merchandise is sold out.

The Costco sofa that surpasses IKEA that Jennifer Lopez would put in her mansion