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Decorate with style and elegance: Costco's bet for the living room is this cabinet for the TV

Renew the atmosphere of your home with the Costco furniture, which will give it a sophisticated touch

The Costco furniture that makes the living room elegant
The Costco furniture that makes the living room elegant

Are you planning to change the look of your home? Well, if you have no idea where to start, at Costco you find excellent quality cabinets, chairs, dining rooms and furniture, and for indoor and outdoor spaces. Take advantage of every inch of your home to decorate and customize to your liking. On this occasion, you have to choose a model with a vintage and elegant style.

At TheLook, we care about knowing what the decorative trends will be in the United States, especially in stores like Zara Home and Amazon. In this way, we can show you varieties of styles for you to choose from. So, discover all the features of this piece of furniture by reading the following lines.

accent console furniture
accent console furniture

Accent Console

The Accent Console Furniture is a console-type furniture, which means that you have storage space, divided into several panels. In turn, these two divisions are separated by a shelf, which you can adjust, according to the object you are going to store.

On the other hand, the structure of the furniture is made of poplar wood with birch veneer. In addition, it has several metal details, such as the fact that the doors have a small projection that is used so that you can open them.

At the same time, you have 4 doors assembled with good quality hinges and slowly closing. One thing you should know is that the furniture is fully assembled. Finally, it helps you to use it as a support for the television.

Furniture qualities

  • It is a super resistant console furniture, since it is solid poplar wood
  • It has a geometric decoration on the doors that is three-dimensional, and gives it an elegant and vintage touch.
  • The finishes are durable, because they were applied in several steps and by hand
  • Available in green with a wooden top
  • It is a fast shipping product
Costco accent console furniture
Costco accent console furniture

Technical specifications

  • Brand: Bayside Furnishings
  • Dimensions: 71 x 19 x 30.7”
  • Made in: Vietnam
  • Frame material: solid wood
  • Number of shelves: 2
  • Reviews: 5/5

Basic furniture care

It is always recommended that you follow the manufacturer's advice, only then can you prolong the life of the furniture. Some of the recommendations are

  • Clean the furniture every day with a dry microfiber cloth. With this you remove the dust and the wood maintains its natural shine.
  • Use exclusive products for wood, but check that they do not contain silicone or waxes that can spoil the wood.
  • Do not place wet objects on the wood. To protect it, place cup holders or plastic cloths.
  • Make sure to place the furniture in an interior area, and not in exterior areas
  • Avoid as much as possible that the wood is in contact with the sun or sources of artificial heat.
Costco console furniture
Costco console furniture

Accent Console Furniture Price

Fortunately, there are still some offers from the beginning of the year 2023, and for sample you have this furniture. The original cost of this piece of furniture of $699.99. However, it has a discount of $200.00. In this way, the final value of the furniture is $499.99.

Although shipping is free and installation is not included in the order, it is a qualifying item within the "Buy More, Save More Furniture" promotion. What it means is that if you carry more than a single copy, you save more money.

Likewise, this discount extends until February 26 of the current year or until the merchandise is sold out. Finally, remember that returns are made directly in store warehouses.

Decorate with style and elegance: Costco's bet for the living room is this cabinet for...