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Spend more time on the terrace this winter without worrying about the cold
Spend more time on the terrace this winter without worrying about the cold

Every detail counts when it comes to decorating your home, especially the outdoor area, because you can choose chairs, armchairs, and tables that will make the place feel special. On this occasion, the Costco store offers you a piece of furniture with a brazier, so you can be outside, despite the cold season that the United States is going through.

TheLook decoration experts have this piece of furniture in their sights, since it has a simple design, and at the same time elegant. It's proof that you don't just get pretty furniture at Target or Amazon. Now, let's get to know the details of this incredible piece of furniture.

sunbeam contemporary aluminum fire table
sunbeam contemporary aluminum fire table

Sunbeam Contemporary Aluminum Fire Table

Being outdoors without feeling cold is possible thanks to the Sunbeam Contemporary Aluminum Fire Table. It is a piece of furniture or a fire table, since a flame is concentrated from the central part of the table, which keeps the place at a pleasant temperature.

The design of the table is inspired by a contemporary style, with a rather elegant touch. As for the structure of the table, it has a shape similar to an inverted pyramid, the base of which is flat and smaller than the upper vertex.

This fire table is constructed of a moisture and water resistant aluminum frame. For its part, the burner is made of stainless steel, which allows the heat to concentrate. Furthermore, the structure of the table is covered with varnished horizontal sheets, with a matt finish.

Table features

  • Burner is easy to push and is 50,000 BTU
  • At the same time, the burner runs 8 hours straight using about 20 pounds of propane
  • You can connect the table to a direct gas line
  • The height of the flame is adjustable, you can specify how you want it to be
  • It is a functional piece of furniture, so you can spend a different afternoon with family and friends.
  • One of its best attributes is that it does not require assembly or installation
  • The order includes the protective cover and the table top
Costco sunbeam contemporary aluminum fire table
Costco sunbeam contemporary aluminum fire table

Technical specifications

  • Brand: Sunbam Contemporary
  • Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 25”
  • Weight: 85.8 pounds
  • Type of fuel: liquid propane
  • Tank capacity: 20 pounds
  • Heat output: 50,000 BTUs
  • Available colors: brown and black
  • Tank included: Nog
  • CSA Approved: Yes
  • Reviews: 4.6/5

Precautions for use

Although it is a very nice and functional piece of furniture, just because it may have a flame in the center, it deserves that you implement certain protection measures, especially if there are small children at home.

  • Put out the flame if there is no adult nearby supervising
  • Do not let children sit around the table without an adult nearby
  • Avoid placing paper and other objects that can burn
  • Never leave the furniture on when you are not at home
Costco aluminum fire table
Costco aluminum fire table

Sunbeam Contemporary Aluminum Fire Table Price

That the price does not become an obstacle to decorate your garden or terrace. For only $999.99, you will have a cozy space for you to attend to visitors and feel comfortable. In addition, the order will arrive in two or three weeks after you request it.

For its part, shipping is free and no special protocols are required for delivery. Finally, the return can be made by taking the product to one of the store's warehouses that are distributed throughout the national territory.

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