Tuesday. 28.03.2023
Crocs' most tropical clogs

Crocs is one of the brands that lets your imagination flow, the collections of these Swedes are original, neither Nike nor Adidas are rivals for this brand's model. At TheLook, we know that you like clothes that convey a message, so these Crocs with a tropical design will speak for themselves.

At the same time, it is a shoe with which you can wear a casual and quite casual look. Comfort and style are synonymous with the brand, which regardless of where in the United States you are, will deliver your order. Take a look at all its features!

Margaritaville Swedes
Margaritaville Swedes

Comfy Swedes Margaritaville

It turns out that you have a trip to the beach or the pool and you don't know what shoes to wear, for that there is a solution and it is the comfortable Margaritaville Swedes. It is about Crocs that are a blank canvas, and it is so, because it is a peculiar shoe.

Furthermore, although the base of the structure is white, the entire shoe is stamped with a marble motif, which mixes different shades of green and blue. As an aside, the Swede is adorned with Jibbitz charms, plus a bottle opener that you can use to open a drink.

Actually, it retains its classic style, but what attracts the attention of the Swede are the large ornaments, which stand out from afar. Likewise, it is a model available for both men and women.

Size guide

Luckily, you have all sizes available. What's more, if you can't find your measurements, you can press the "select a size" button, and you will automatically be able to review more options. On the other hand, the sizes available are.

  • Size for women: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
  • Men's sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13
Crocs Margaritaville Swedes
Crocs Margaritaville Swedes

Qualities of Swedish Crocs

  • Available color is lime zest
  • It is a fairly light swede, easy to use and combine
  • On the instep of the shoe you have some holes or “ventilation ports”, with the aim of allowing your foot to breathe.
  • You won't spend a lot of time cleaning, and it also dries quickly
  • On the heel you have the unique pivoting strap. This time, with a detail in its entirety, a macaw.
  • You can customize it with other Jibbitz charms
  • The sole is comfortable and flexible
  • Shipping is free

How to care for Crocs

Part of caring for Crocs is how you clean them and what you use them for. In general, you can wash Crocs in cold or lukewarm water. Additionally, you can clean them with a neutral pH soap. Now, the recommendations for your care are.

  • Never let your swedes dry for a long time or expose them to the sun. As a consequence, shoes can lose their shape or pick.
  • Wash your suedes by hand, never wash them in the washing machine, as they could be damaged
  • Do not use any abrasive detergent or bleach, this action can discolor the suedes.

The best recommendation is that you read the Swedish material in the product description, so you will know what to use and what not.

Crocs Margaritaville
Crocs Margaritaville

Price of Swedes Margaritaville

The price will not be an issue, since the value of these swedes is only $59.99. Besides, shipping is free, because the order is over $49.99. As for returns, they are free, and so that you can get more information, visit the official Crocs page. Finally, the product warranty is 90 days.

Crocs clogs that look like you're in the Caribbean — comfortable and stylish