Friday. 02.06.2023

Crocs gives Zara and Skechers a pulse with their new sandals — they combine with everything

Discover the innovative sandals that Crocs has available in its collection. A unique and modern model.

The best and most comfortable crocs clogs
The best and most comfortable crocs clogs

You can see it everywhere and on every social network, as the comfortable and practical replaces the extravagant. Undoubtedly a change in fashion that stores like Crocs does not miss, launching its new Skyline Slides, which, despite its rather peculiar looks, are designed to give you all the comfort and security that the foot needs.

That's why The Look's fashion experts weren't surprised when they saw a pretty positive reception from audiences of all kinds. Will these be the sandals that will take over sales in the spring and dethrone Skechers? The way things are going, clogs and Jibbitz are returning to being favorites, and you can find them all over the United States. Let's see more of what it is:


Crocs Skyline Slide

If you find yourself tired of wearing traditional Crocs clogs, the Skyline Slide model  is a breath of fresh air that you will love. These are sandals with a different style than the classic Crocs shoes. In particular, because they have an expressive and bold design, with added height that does not reduce mobility or generate problems with balance.

On the other hand, the Skyline Slide model from Crocs has a composition of very good quality. Clogs can offer comfort and fit naturally to different environments. In this way, you can always maintain a good balance on any surface. And best of all, these sandals can be easily combined.

They will transport you to another level of comfort

Thanks to the structure they have, this Crocs shoe offers comfort like no other. When you find yourself walking with them you will feel in complete fullness, with healthy feet and without any pain. In fact, sandals have a support so that you have a better posture at all times. In addition, it has the following details:

  • Evolved Croslite midsole with soft vibrations that reduces impact against the surface.
  • Luxurious and soft composition insole that massages the feet when walking.
  • The tip of the clogs has a square shape that protects the feet from any accident.

Technology on your feet

It is important to note that this model of Crocs sandals has a structure of the best possible quality. In particular, because the upper part is made with soft PTU, which is molded.

In addition, they can provide unparalleled support and stability for you to walk comfortably. This is a great advantage for taking care of your feet and keeping you moving for long periods of time.

Discover the benefits they can offer

  • They are made with comfortable and lightweight materials that help keep your feet cool throughout the day.
  • They have integrated arch support so that your feet are always well supported against the surface.
  • They have a water-resistant composition that will allow you to wear the sandals away from home.
  • The sole of the sandals provides stability and traction with a non-slip quality.
  • Being a lightweight footwear, you can wear them for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.
  • They protect the feet from bacteria and other contaminants found on the surface.

Crocs Skyline Slide price

Do you want to buy the Skyline Slide model from Crocs? Within the official website they are available for only $69.99. In addition, this innovative model of sandals has free shipping to any region of the United States. On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that they are protected by a 90-day warranty coverage.

Crocs gives Zara and Skechers a pulse with their new sandals — they combine with...