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Elegant and combines with everything — the perfect Zara coat to start spring

With the new Zara coat you can look slimmer and more elegant. A basic garment in your closet

Trf Ripped Wide Leg Jeans from Zara
Trf Ripped Wide Leg Jeans from Zara

It is not surprising that at Zara you can find unique, elegant and outstanding garments, such as the new coat that you can adapt to any occasion. A garment that will enhance your figure. On the contrary, the different models that are in other stores in the United States like Urban Outfitters do not compare with the modern coat of Zara.

For their part, for the fashion experts at TheLook, they believe that this type of garment is so versatile, since you can turn any simple outfit into a true show. In this sense, it is necessary that you know all the details of the piece.

Strappy Fitted Trench
Strappy Fitted Trench

Fitted trench coat with straps

On this occasion, the Strappy Fitted Trench is a coat made with a fitted gabardine, but soft to the touch, comfortable and that will keep you warm on cold days. Added to this, the gabardine is mixed with another cotton fabric.

Added to this, the outer shell of the coat is made up of 60% cotton, while the remaining 35% is polyester. The color of the piece is perfect, because it does not limit you in the color palette that you have in your closet.

sophisticated design

The design will take you back to bygone times, it is a classic that returns with more force. We will tell you the details below.

  • The neck design is lapel type
  • At the waist you have a beautiful belt. It's hideous and has a traditional buckle for you to adjust.
  • The sleeves are long and the cuffs have a delicate detail with an adjustable buckle
  • It has two columns of buttons printed in shades of beige, brown and black
  • On the shoulders it has details with buttons and flaps
  • The cut of the coat is long, probably reaching the knees
  • Has zippers in the front

Size guide

The sizes that are available range from S to L. However, on the page you have a size guide so you can find your ideal size.

Zara Strappy Fitted Trench
Zara Strappy Fitted Trench

Basically, choose a size, and the page shows you the exact measurements of the garment, so you can see if it matches your measurements. Remember that they are referential to body measurements.

Garment care

You can have the garment of the best fabric, but if you don't take care of it, unfortunately, you won't be able to get the most out of it. This is how Zara suggests a series of tips for the maintenance and care of the garment, which they are.

  • You can wash the coat in the washing machine. Now, make sure that it is a delicate cycle and not higher than 30 ° C
  • Wash the coat inside out
  • Do not use bleach, since you can stain the piece
  • Do not wash it to the eco
  • Do not tumble dry

Price of the Adjusted Trench Straps

The price is something indisputable, as you already know in Zara it may seem that the price is somewhat exaggerated, but when you have the garment in your hands you realize that it is totally worth it. Thus, the value of the garment is $149.00.

Zara Strappy Fitted
Zara Strappy Fitted

One recommendation is that, if you do not want to place the order, you can check if the garment is available in the physical store through the digital catalogue, all you have to do is mark the size you are looking for.

Additionally, if you pick up the garment in a store, you do not have to pay shipping, and you can pick up your order in 3 to 5 business days. However, if you choose to have it delivered to your home, either overnight or standard shipping, you do have to pay an additional cost.

Elegant and combines with everything — the perfect Zara coat to start spring