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The Costco table and chair set for the home that beats IKEA in quality, design and size

Decorate the interior of your house with the new dining set available on the Costco page

Costco Morrison Dining Set
Costco Morrison Dining Set

When it comes to decorating a home, all the details are important, from the color of the chairs, the material of the table, the accessories... Now, Costco is aware of these details. On this occasion, we are referring to an elegant and modern dining room set, that is, a furniture set that is vital in the design of your home.

At TheLook, we are used to decorative elements that are functional, such as those found in the Zara Home, Target and Walmart catalogues. On the other hand, the complete set maintains the classic, but updated line of dining rooms in the United States.

morrison dining set
morrison dining set

Morrison Dining Set

Is your family large? With Costco Morrison Dining Set, everyone can sit at the table for a hearty breakfast or lunch. It is a dining set with a total of 8 chairs plus a large rectangular table.

Structurally, the table is made of a natural oak veneer top, which sits above a mahogany trestle base. Likewise, the base has an elegant design and is black. Also, the table top is finished in natural brown.

As for the chairs, the structure is made of wood, in the part of the back it has a beautiful and simple decoration. For its part, the seats are comfortable, and are upholstered with a beige fabric, which is easy to combine with the rest of the furniture you have at home. It is worth mentioning that the fabric used to upholster the chairs is very resistant.

Features of the Morrison Dining Set

  • The base of the table has a leveler that is adjustable
  • The set style is contemporary
  • The number of places is 8
  • You must consider that the chairs do not fit completely under the table, each chair protrudes approximately 14”.
  • The finish of the table surface is not smooth. This is relevant if you have to write or do some crafting, as it can be a bit circuitous.
Costco dining set
Costco dining set

Technical details

  • Table dimensions: 95.6” L x 42” W x 30” H
  • Chair dimensions: 21.6” L x 23.5” W x 37” H
  • Table Weight: 173.72 lbs.
  • Chair weight: 18.3 lbs.
  • Seat height: 18.9"
  • Seat width: 21.6"

How to care for the furniture set

  • Avoid placing the furniture outdoors, since the wood could be ruined. In other words, it can be discolored.
  • Do not place glasses, plates, or any other object that is wet or hot, since it can stain the wood.
  • To remove dust, what you should do is use a clean cotton cloth
  • Do not use any solvent for furniture
  • Do not rub the wood while cleaning it.
  • Avoid moistening the wood

Morrison Dining Set Price

At Costco, they are always willing to negotiate the price of their products, and best of all, you are taking home quality, resistant and durable furniture.

Costco morrison dining set
Costco morrison dining set

In this sense, the entire set has a cost of $2,299.99, but the store has decided to lower the original price, subtracting about $900.00. Thus, the final value of the dining room is $1,399.99.

The promotion is valid until February 10 or until the store runs out. Finally, the shipping and return conditions can be consulted directly on the official Costco website.

The Costco table and chair set for the home that beats IKEA in quality, design and size