Saturday. 25.03.2023
Crocs sandals that look like something out of Zara

A few pairs of shoes are never enough for a lady, what's more, each occasion is the perfect excuse to look for a new shoe that joins the ranks of the Nike and Adidas that we have in the closet. The Crocs brand surprises us with a swede that moves away from the classic design to which they were already accustomed.

However, from TheLook we believe that it is always a good opportunity to experience something new, especially if he lives in the United States. Live the experience of wearing sandal-type shoes, which are out of the ordinary and that you can use on any occasion. Next, we will reveal every detail.

Crocs Splash Strappy Sandal
Crocs Splash Strappy Sandal

Comfortable and relaxed sandals

If you had to define the Splash Strappy Sandal in one sentence, it would be relaxed. The thing is, this model is casual and practical to use, designed for hot days by the pool or on the beach. Arrive at your destination with them and spend the whole afternoon without the discomfort of closed shoes.

In more formal terms, the sandals are part of the Splash collection. However, they do not have the classic design of the Swedish Crocs, they do have the technology that characterizes these shoes.

Related to the above, the sandals have the hollowed-out Croslite insole built into them. This means that the steps you will take are firm and comfortable. On the other hand, the colors are neutral, but you will be able to see bright and elegant flashes.

Sandals sizes

This Crocs model is available only for women, and sizes range from 4 to 11. In turn, if you can't find your measurements, you have a size guide right in the dream description section.

Splash Strappy Sandal
Splash Strappy Sandal

What you should keep in mind

  • The soles are hollow so that they can walk on different surfaces without instability
  • The instep or upper part of the sandals is made of TPU
  • The upper part has an intersecting strap design
  • They are easy to put on and do not need to be adjusted
  • It is a light shoe
  • You can store them in any corner of your carry-on or travel luggage
  • Cleaning is quick and easy
  • The sole is comfortable and flexible
  • They can float in the water
  • Available in two colors, black and white

Recommendations to take care of Crocs

Croslite material is one of the protagonists of the Crocs brand, care and maintenance is really simple. Here are some recommendations.

  • Croslite foam can be cleaned with cold water
  • Use a mild detergent to remove stains
  • No matter what model of Crocs you have, once clean, you should let them air dry
  • Avoid exposing sandals to the sun, as this can cause them to lose their shape and no longer fit or be uncomfortable to walk in.
Crocs Splash Sandal
Crocs Splash Sandal

Splash Strappy Sandal Prices

For only $44.99, you will live a different vacation on the beach, since there is nothing more uncomfortable than walking with the wrong shoes. The bad news is that shipping on this issue is not free, because the purchase does not exceed $49.99.

For its part, the good news is that shipping is cheap, it will not leave you with nothing in your pockets. You can consult the issue of returns on the official website, in general, there is no cost, regardless of the price of the sandals. The warranty on this model is 90 days.

Crocs sandals that look like something out of Zara and will be your favorites in spring