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Skechers Work Puxal Firmle ESD
Skechers Work Puxal Firmle ESD

From TheLook, we know that Skechers is one of the brands that manufactures work shoes with high quality standards, without belittling Nike or Adidas shoes. However, this model for men is perfect for all kinds of activities, especially for work related to electricity.

In the United States, you can find countless models, but opt for safe, comfortable and versatile shoes. From now on, we tell you that they are all-terrain boots, and resistant to punctures from tacks or nails. Safety will not be compromised with these boots. Next, we will reveal its most important details.

Skechers work puxal firmle esd
Skechers work puxal firmle esd

Skechers Work Puxal Firmle ESD

The Skechers Work Puxal Firmle ESD are boots designed for gentlemen who are engaged in activities related to electricity, what's more, the sole of the boot has static dissipation. Next, the upper of the shoe is made of mesh and leather.

In addition to leather and mesh, the upper part of the shoe has a lining that is synthetic. On the other hand, the tip of the boots is light, and has a very resistant insole to all kinds of accidents, especially perforations.

In this sense, they are totally safe shoes. In turn, the closure system is through laces. As for the design of the boot, it has a pattern of diagonal lines on the sides of the shoe. On the other hand, the shoe materials are not waterproof, which means that they do not resist water. Despite this, you can take steps to make them more resistant.

Colors and sizes

The boot is only available in one colorway (black with dark blue). Regarding the sizes, you have a size chart so that you can guide yourself, since they provide you with some advice so that you can find the desired fit. Now, the sizes you find are.

  • From 7.0 to 14.0. From size 12 onwards they are complete numbers
Skechers work puxal firmle
Skechers work puxal firmle

Shoe details

  • The toe complies with current impact and compression regulations
  • The insole is resistant
  • Its ESD quality allows the amount of static electricity to be reduced
  • The traction of the sole is durable
  • The boot has a mid-cut design, while the collar is padded
  • The midsole is light and cushioned
  • Has details of the Skechers brand logo
  • The reviews are mostly good, with a rating of 4.8/5 stars.
  • The shoe fits perfectly, that is, you won't feel it too big, just so tight.
  • You can use them to work or to go on a trip
  • The insole cushioning system is excellent
  • You can choose other similar models in design and color

It is very important that you can check the use of this shoe with the security team of the company where you work. The reason for the above is that footwear that is antistatic is not recommended for electrical work.

work puxal firmle esd
work puxal firmle esd

Price of Work Puxal Firmle ESD

One of Skechers' qualities is the price reductions, just like with these boots, which have an original cost of $130.00. However, with the discount they remain at $97.99. Added to this, you can pay in four installments of $24.50 only if you pay with afterpay.

Remember that if you are part of Skechers Plus, shipping can be free, and at the same time, you are accumulating rewards of $5.00.

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