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This is the Urban Outfitters dressing table for the bedroom that you cannot find at IKEA

With the new Urban Outfitters vanity you can have a space to prepare before leaving home.

Urban Outfitters Maddie Vanity
This is the Urban Outfitters dressing table for the bedroom

Today you can already feel like a classic celebrity, with the most vintage and elegant dressing table that The Look experts found in the Urban Outfitters catalog. With a pearl white color and a fairly simple design, it turns out to be the perfect option to complement your room or wardrobe.

Although you find it throughout the United States, exclusivity is something that keeps UO on good terms with the public. Quality, exclusivity, and incredible designs on tables, shelves, furniture, and chairs give everything to be your first choice before Zara Home or Amazon as this time with the Maddie Vanity.

Maddie Vanity from Urban Outfitters
Maddie Vanity from Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Maddie Vanity

Having a personal space to put on makeup, comb your hair, and prepare to go out is essential within any home. For this reason, the Maddie Vanity model is a product that cannot be missing in your home. This is a minimalist dressing table that you can install in your room or any other place in your home to have where to get ready.

Because of its simple construction, the Maddie Vanity model from Urban Outfitters is of high quality, resistant and durable. That is, it will help you prepare before leaving for many years. And best of all, it can be complemented with other accessories to decorate the house. In this way, you can have a house with a unique and personal style.

A timeless style tables

The first thing that stands out about this dressing table at first glance, is the timeless design it has around its entire structure. It is a style that can be easily combined with different accessories.

Therefore, this product is never going to harm the aesthetics inside your home. Instead, it will enrich the space to create a welcoming atmosphere, for the following reasons:

  • The vanity can be easily assembled and disassembled to move to another site.
  • Its frameless mirror allows you to have an overall view of the entire space.
  • The arch-shaped side table allows you to have a surface for whatever you want.
Maddie Vanity
Maddie Vanity

With a drawer to store your makeup

Another key specification of this vanity model is that it has storage space. This has a drawer where you can store makeup, brushes and all kinds of accessories for personal use. In this way, you will only have to sit in front of the dressing table to start grooming yourself the way you prefer.

At the same time, the integrated drawer of this product will allow you to reduce clutter at home and improve the organization of your accessories. As a result, you reduce the chance of your stuff being lost.

Most important features

  • The vanity is shipped in pieces, so you'll have to assemble it at home.
  • It has removable legs to facilitate mobility.
  • It has an iron and sheet metal construction.
  • It supports 40 pounds on top and 10 pounds on the drawer.
UO Maddie Vanity
UO Maddie Vanity

Urban Outfitters Maddie Vanity Price

Currently, you have the option to buy this product from the official website of Urban Outfitters. The Maddie Vanity model is available for a reasonable price of $749.00.  On the other hand, you have the option to pay it in 4 monthly installments of $187.25. However, for this you need to have Afterpay or Klarna.

Regarding the shipment of the toilet, this has no additional cost, thanks to the Urban Outfitters policy. The waiting time for delivery is 5 to 8 business days.

This is the Urban Outfitters dressing table for the bedroom that you cannot find at IKEA