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IKEA bed that puts an end to bedroom space problems
IKEA bed that puts an end to bedroom space problems

Comfort is everything within a home, and much more when it comes to the bedroom. IKEA, like our experts at The Look, knows that when it comes to sleep what matters most is having everything available. And when you can have a bed that is also a warehouse, many positive things can happen in your room.

Much more when it comes to the new GLADSTAD Upholstered bed of the Swedish store that has been sweeping sales since it went on the market in the United States. A hidden gem, which puts aside the best options of Zara Home and Urban Outfitters for the moment. So, let's see what it's all about:

IKEA GLADSTAD Upholstered bed
IKEA GLADSTAD Upholstered bed

IKEA Gladstad Upholstered bed

To sleep like a baby every night and recharge for the next day, IKEA has the ideal product for you. This is the Gladstad Upholstered bed model, which has enough space for several people. In this way, you can sleep with your partner in total comfort so that both are happy and rested at all times.

And best of all, this is a product that you can decorate in different ways. In particular, the Gladstad Upholstered bed model from IKEA stands out for its versatility and functionality. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to create a unique atmosphere in your room, so that you feel comfortable and can relax whenever you want.

Bed frame with minimalist design

Among the main qualities that this IKEA product possesses, it is necessary to talk about its design. It is a bed with a simple and versatile design that can be easily complemented with other accessories. Thanks to this, it can fit with different decorative styles without damaging the harmony you have in your bedroom. Instead, it improves it.

In addition to this, it should be mentioned that this is a modern bed model that looks better when complemented with other furniture. In this way, you can make your room look more complete. In addition, it will allow you to have more space to rest.

GLADSTAD Upholstered bed
GLADSTAD Upholstered bed

Includes storage drawers

Importantly, this bed comes with 2 upholstered storage boxes at the bottom. These drawers have wheels at the base to be deployed more easily. Apart from that, they have handles that can be hidden to give a cleaner and more elegant appearance to the bed.

Storage boxes can be used in any way you prefer, given that they have plenty of internal space. Then, they can help you reduce clutter in your bedroom.

Designed with the best materials

In order to have an extended life cycle, this IKEA product has a good quality structure. This is due to the materials it uses, which are as follows:

  • Recycled and galvanized polyester fabric
  • Layered glued veneer and laminated veneer
  • Adhesive resin as coating, paper foil and plastic edge
  • Steel and polypropylene coating
  • Felt lining and epoxy powder coating
  • Particleboard and polyurethane foam
  • Polyester and plywood wadding
GLADSTAD Upholstered bed from IKEA
GLADSTAD Upholstered bed from IKEA

IKEA Gladstad Upholstered bed Price

Currently, the Gladstad Upholstered bed model is available on the official IKEA website. Within the Platform Beds section, you can find this product, to start the purchase process. Its current price is $399.00 and these have multiple payment methods.  Before making the purchase, it is important to note that the mattress and bedding are sold separately.

IKEA bed that puts an end to bedroom space problems