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The IKEA item for the bathroom at home that will be your ally every morning — less than $15

See how you shine with the compact mirror from IKEA adaptable to any occasion. An essential accessory for the home.
The IKEA item for the bathroom at home that will be your ally every morning

IKEA has in its catalog many of those accessories that turn out to be quite practical and that you did not know you needed once you have them. With the new Fräck Mirror, which extends to be placed at the angle and height you need depending on what you want to do.

Products like these are what make the Swedish store one of the most reliable in the US market. Because in addition to having a very versatile catalog, it manages to maintain the quality, durability and price that makes its products extremely accessible, popular, and highly competitive compared to stores like Amazon or Walmart which are generally also quite popular, as we have seen in The Look.

FRÄCK Mirror from IKEA
FRÄCK Mirror from IKEA

IKEA Fräck Mirror

So that you can fix yourself in the best possible way, you need a good quality mirror in your home. For that reason, IKEA seeks to solve your problems with the Fräck Mirror model in its catalog. This is an accessory that stands out for its extendable capacity and compact size. And best of all, it is a versatile product of great durability.

In addition to this, it is important to mention that the IKEA Fräck Mirror model has an intelligent design. This is a product that can benefit you a lot, in the moments when you are putting on makeup or shaving. On the other hand, it should also be noted that this is a mirror that you can place wherever you want, thanks to the composition it has.

A compact mirror that adapts to your needs

Among the main features of this IKEA product, we must highlight the versatility it has. In particular, because it can adjust to your preferences or needs easily. First of all, it can be easily extended and retracted. In this way, you can see yourself at a distance that favors your vision.

On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that the mirror can be placed at different angles for better visualization. Even one of its sides has an increase for greater performance and functionality.


Designed to be in high-humidity areas

Due to its composition, this is a mirror model that can be adapted without any problem to different places in your home. Especially because it is water resistant and can stay in areas with a high level of humidity.

Thanks to this ability, you will not have problems with the mirror fogging up when you use it inside the bathroom. As a result, you will be able to manage yourself in a much more effective way..

Know what other buyers think of the mirror

  • We have them in the bathrooms and our daughter wanted them for her home in North Carolina. It's really adjustable and makes it easy to get different angles.
  • You cannot exceed the price of it. I wish it came in multiple finishes such as chrome, black or white. I would also like the enlargement to be a little more.
  • Nice mirror and good quality. Very easy to assemble and use.
  • Large makeup mirror to use wall space in a small room.
  • Nice for the bathroom. It would be nice if IKEA came up with one with LED lighting on the edge and plugged it in.
FRÄCK Mirror
FRÄCK Mirror

IKEA Fräck Mirror price

Today, the fastest way to purchase the IKEA Fräck Mirror model is directly from the official website. Just look for it in the Makeup and Magnifying Mirrors section. This product is available for an affordable price of $14.99. In addition, it has multiple payment options and secure shipping.

The IKEA item for the bathroom at home that will be your ally every morning — less than...