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The best-selling IKEA refrigerator in 2023 — french door and lifetime LED lighting

The refrigerator in silver color is elegant, luxurious and spacious. Perfect to renovate your kitchen

The best-selling IKEA refrigerator in 2023
The best-selling IKEA refrigerator in 2023

The American store IKEA offers a beautiful refrigerator with state-of-the-art technology for you to place in your kitchen. The design, although not exclusive, is inspired to modernize the environment, the details that it has in its entirety give it the perfect finish. The stainless steel appliance is a competition for the rivals you find in other digital stores like Amazon and Costco.

From TheLook we want you to have a luxurious refrigerator in your kitchen, along with your other utensils such as the electric oven and the fryer. Remember that the IKEA ÖVERSKÅDLIG series model is sophisticated, functional, spacious and stylish.

french door refrigerator
french door refrigerator

French door refrigerator

With the French door refrigerator you won't have to open the fridge door over and over again to drink water, since one of its greatest qualities is that it has an ice and water dispenser. Next, the size is crazy, through the two doors you access an ideal storage space.

Related to the above, the in-door ice maker can make ice cubes and water. For its part, in the freezer you can have two very large drawers so that you can place the refrigerators that you like. Other features of the refrigerator are.

  • The temperature of the refrigerator is always kept constant and uniform, thanks to the fan. This allows you to store the food in any section of the fridge, without the risk of damage.
  • The sections or shelves are adjustable, you can change their position according to your needs. Besides, they are made of glass.
  • You can place large items in each section
  • To open the drawers you must slide them and their access is easy
  • The entire interior of the refrigerator is illuminated with LED light. An important fact is that the source does not need maintenance. This means that the light will never run out, only when the refrigerator is no longer working.
ikea door refrigerator
ikea door refrigerator
  • It has an alarm that indicates that the door was left open
  • You have a screen where you can view the most important settings, as well as alarms and temperature.
  • The water filter, purifies it and removes lead and residues (the filter is included in the order)
  • In order for ice to form and water to dispense, you must connect it to a direct water line

Technical qualities

  • Brand: IKEA
  • Dimensions: 35 x 29 x 69”
  • Weight: 346 pounds
  • Cable length: 5´ 7”
  • Product type: Refrigerator freezer
  • Capacity: 21.6 cubic feet
  • Annual electricity use: 658 kWh
  • Defrost type: Automatic
  • Noise level: 43 dB

Care and maintenance

Remember that you must clean the refrigerator not connected to the power source and without food inside.

  • You can clean the refrigerator once every 15 days
  • When cleaning, dry the fridge with a soft fiber cloth
  • Inside the refrigerator, it is recommended that you clean it with lukewarm water
  • You can wash the appliance with a neutral pH soap
  • Under no circumstances use chemicals that are abrasive
  • The doors can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. Then, dry it with a dry cloth
ikea french door refrigerator
ikea french door refrigerator

French door refrigerator price

The price of the refrigerator is $3,499. An acceptable price if you compare it with others on the market. Additionally, you do not have to pay cash, you can request payment flexibilities for one year. In this way, you will pay $146.00 per month with the store credit card. Finally, you enjoy a 5-year warranty.

The best-selling IKEA refrigerator in 2023 — french door and lifetime LED lighting