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The IKEA sofa that completely changes your living room — soft velvet and available in 4 colors

Rest in the best possible way with the innovative furniture from IKEA. A sofa that sweeps sales for all its qualities.

The IKEA sofa full of color and at a good price
The IKEA sofa that completely changes your living room

If in The Look we have seen on numerous occasions how Zara Home fills its catalog with incredible options for your living room, IKEA knows how to stand up to it so as not to be overshadowed in any season. Whether with shelves, bookcases, ottomans, furniture, or armchairs... the Swedish store searches and finds a way to be present in every house in the United States.

And much more when it includes in its catalog products such as the Loveseat of the APPLARYD line, which adapts to any decoration with its fairly clean and simple finish. Impossible to overlook, it is an unmissable option for those looking to redecorate their rooms for next summer without spending too much on a fair budget.

ÄPPLARYD Loveseat from IKEA
ÄPPLARYD Loveseat from IKEA


Your home’s living room deserves the best furniture, for your comfort and that of your family. For that reason, IKEA seeks to please you with the ÄPPLARYD Loveseat model from its catalog. This is a splendid sofa with a simple and clean look, ideal to fit in with any decorative style. In addition, it can be easily supplemented with other furniture.

And best of all, the ÄPPLARYD Loveseat model from IKEA is a piece of furniture that offers comfort for multiple people. The structure is versatile and can be easily adapted to your needs. On the other hand, it is important to note that this is a product that you can keep in good condition easily since its care is simple.

An oasis of comfort: the perfect sofa for sitting, lying down, and relaxing

Being a large piece of furniture, this IKEA product has space for you to do what you want. That is, you can sit or lie down without any problem. Thanks to this, you can relax in a matter of seconds, to reduce muscle pain. Without a doubt, this is the perfect sofa to rest after a long day.

On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that the design of the sofa allows several people to sit at the same time. In this way, you can also enjoy yourself with your family or friends.


Soft covers and fluffy cushions for a resting experience on another level

Thanks to the composition it has, this IKEA sofa can provide the support you need when resting. In particular, because it reduces pain in the lower back and helps you have a better posture. Therefore, this is a product that will benefit your health in the long run.

The opinions of other buyers about the sofa

  • Large sofa for a cozy and conversational area. I love color!
  • I picked this up to replace the old sofa. Super easy to put together and really comfortable.
  • It looks great and the design is more thoughtful than other IKEA sofas. Great overall package, highly recommended.
  • The assembly was simple, although two people are needed (and joining the sides requires some strength).
  • Very good quality! My two dogs almost fell asleep on it every day after breakfast!
  • I find this sofa very comfortable, it is quite large, but if you have space for it, I think it is worth it.

IKEA ÄPPLARYD Loveseat price

Within the official IKEA website, you have the option to purchase the ÄPPLARYD Loveseat model. This product is available in the Sofas and Sectionals section, with a reasonable price of $1,249.00. With the IKEA Projekt credit card, you can pay it in 12 monthly installments of $105.00. In addition, it has a 10-year warranty coverage.

The IKEA sofa that completely changes your living room — soft velvet and available in 4...