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The IKEA wardrobe, drawers and wardrobe combination perfect for small bedrooms

Discover IKEA's innovative wardrobe that also doubles as a personal desk.

Your home office will be more equipped than ever with this fantastic piece of furniture from IKEA
Your home office will be more equipped than ever with this fantastic piece of furniture from IKEA

Since working from home became commonplace in the modern era, the need for an ideal, practical and comfortable space to bring out our greatest potential in any job or task has increased. That's where IKEA never falls behind because this time, it offers the new Smästad & Uppföra Storage combination. In addition to having a good quality/price ratio, it is available throughout the United States, so it can be yours with a single click.

In The Look it could not be missing, since it is just the right size to create a mini office in any room of your home. And it has all the qualities that make all the furniture, armchairs, electrical appliances or shelves in the Swedish store a total success compared to other Zara Home or Target products. Let's see its details:

Combinación de almacenaje para CONSTRUCCIÓN EN UNA CIUDAD PEQUEÑA
SLATTUM Upholstered bed frame

IKEA Smästad and Upföra storage combination

Having a smart storage system inside your room or that of your children can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Especially when you have a product like IKEA's Smästad & Uppföra storage combination. This is a wardrobe with a modern design that will help you improve the organization of all your things.

Other than that, the Smästad & Uppföra Storage combination model has a timeless style that can look natural in any room. In fact, it has the ability to enhance the environment by making it appear more organized. And best of all, this is a product that fulfills many functions at the same time and does not require much maintenance.

A solution for every need

By design, it is an IKEA product that offers many solutions. It works as a cabinet with drawers and cabinets where you can store everything you want in an organized way. Thus, you will always be able to find out where your clothes and accessories for personal use are located, saving time in your search.

Also, this IKEA product has a space in the middle where you can install a bed or a desk according to your needs. Thus, you can transform a room and create a pleasant atmosphere at the same time, without making a great effort.

SMÅSTAD UPPFÖRA Combinación de almacenaje de IKEA
SLATTUM Upholstered bed frame

Efficient building product

It is also necessary to mention that this IKEA cabinet has a high-quality workmanship. Both for the raw material it uses and for the functional design it has. Therefore, it is a highly resistant product that will remain in your home for many years. In addition to this, its efficient construction has the following characteristics:

  • Swing doors with soft and silent closing so as not to disturb or disturb.
  • Adjustable feet allow the cabinet to conform to uneven surfaces.

Tips for mounting

  • First of all, you must determine the space where you plan to install the closet in your home.
  • Then, start to assemble the product by following the instruction guide and using the included screws.
  • The furniture installation can be complemented with knobs or handles for more efficient use.
  • You will need knobs and handles, which are sold separately.
IKEA SMÅSTAD UPPFÖRA Combinación de almacenaje
SLATTUM Upholstered bed frame

IKEA Smästad and Upföra Storage Combination Price

Do you want to buy this IKEA product? Do it from the official website to save time and speed up the process. The combination of Smästad & Uppföra Storage is found in the Storage & Organization category. Regarding its price, this item has a cost of $888.00 and can be paid in different ways.

In fact, you also have the option to buy this product in installments of $148.00 for a period of 6 months. For this you will need the IKEA Projekt credit card.

The IKEA wardrobe, drawers and wardrobe combination perfect for small bedrooms