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IKEA combines a chest of drawers with a wardrobe and gains space in the bedroom

Discover the innovative shelf of a unique style that IKEA brings for you. An ideal product to organize your room perfectly.

IKEA HAUGA furniture
The perfect combination of IKEA for the bedroom

Who doesn't recognize IKEA as one of the most trusted department stores when it comes to equipping the home? And it is because of options such as the Hauga Storage combination, which has won the acceptance of millions of people in the United States. Save space in the kitchen or living room, keep your belongings safe, and never stop making furniture and shelves in the best of styles.

With an option that adapts to all types of rooms, the Swedish store is part of your home renovations every year. Maintaining a price range that adapts to all types of pockets, and makes it a direct competition for stores such as Urban Outfitters and Amazon. Let's see from this option that the views in your web catalog have been stolen.

IKEA HAUGA Storage combination
IKEA HAUGA Storage combination

IKEA Hauga Storage combination

With the ideal shelf for storing and organizing your things, you can free up space in your bedroom for other accessories. One model that can help you meet these goals is IKEA's Hauga Storage combination . This product combines storage on different levels, to store your things in a tidy way and decorate your bedroom.

The IKEA Hauga Storage combination model is a product with a timeless design, perfect to fit inside any room. It does not require a complicated installation and can be mounted safely; thanks to the safety hardware it includes. In addition, it is a lightweight shelf that you can move easily, despite its large measure.

Plenty of storage space

The main feature that represents this IKEA shelf is the large storage capacity it has available. It has 6 drawers at the bottom and space to hang clothes or accessories at the top. This way, you can have everything organized in an efficient way, so you don't waste time in the search process.

And best of all, this is a product that can be complemented with other accessories of the same series, within the IKEA catalog. This way you will have the opportunity to optimize the storage of your personal belongings and improve the decoration of your bedroom.

Open and closed style

The way it is made, this is an IKEA product with an open and closed style. That is, at the top you can see everything you have stored. Therefore, it gives you easier access to everything. Instead, the bottom of the dresser is much more private.

HAUGA Storage combination
HAUGA Storage combination

Estructure made with the best materials

One of the best features, which you will not find anywhere else about this product is that it is made with the best materials designed to last. In which the following stand out:

  • Particleboard.
  • Sheet of paper.
  • Plastic.
  • Fiberboard.
  • Acrylic paint.

From the top panel, the back panel and the edges everything is covered and protected. Designed to withstand different climates, shocks and even humidity and water. Likewise, the 6 drawers also have particle, fiber and plastic coating. Which means that:

  • It has high duration.
  • The paint will not fall.
  • It will last for years intact.
  • Withstands blows without scratching.
  • It gives it a strong and elegant finish.
HAUGA Storage combination from IKEA
HAUGA Storage combination from IKEA

IKEA Hauga Storage combination Price

In the Storage and Organization section of the official IKEA website, you can get this product. The safety hardware model has an affordable price of $459.98, in any of its colors. This product can be picked up at any of the IKEA branches or you can also choose to receive it at the doors of your home.

IKEA combines a chest of drawers with a wardrobe and gains space in the bedroom