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The latest from IKEA turns your house into a museum — take your decorative items to the next level

Improve the look and aesthetics of your home with the new collection of shelves from IKEA. The best models to display your ornaments.

IKEA Rudsta Glass-door cabinet
IKEA Rudsta Glass-door cabinet

With the modern era, the rustic is gradually left behind, to welcome the minimalist, delicate, and almost imperceptible. So, these three shelves of IKEA that despite having a fairly simple design, have a lot of elegance and make your living room look like a magazine.

The experts of The Look assure that this type of decoration is increasingly popular in the United States. Especially because it makes spaces look more open, and elegant, and allows accessories such as paintings, flowers, and statuettes to stand out much more at the bottom of the wall. These types of designs which have become so popular even in stores like Zara Home and Urban Outfitters, promise great things, so let's see more details:

IKEA Rudsta Glass-door cabinet

We start with a showcase of traditional and minimalist styles that can fit within any decorative style. This is the Rudsta Glass-door cabinet model, which you can use to display your family's photos or place decorative objects. All with the aim of improving the appearance of your home. In addition, this IKEA product has the following features:

IKEA RUDSTA Glass-door cabinet
IKEA RUDSTA Glass-door cabinet
  • The showcase is prepared to be complemented with internal lighting for better visualization.
  • It can be locked so no one has access to your ornamental accessories.
  • It has adjustable feet to offer stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Its measurements are as follows: 31 1/2 x 14 5/8 x 47 1/4 inches.

On the other hand, the IKEA Rudsta Glass-door cabinet model has a maximum load per shelf of 20 pounds. This is thanks to its splendid composition that uses high-quality materials. At the same time, these give durability to the showcase. Regarding its price, you can buy this product from IKEA for an affordable cost of $199.99.

IKEA Baggebo Cabinet with glass doors

If you are looking for a more compact but equally elegant shelf than the previous product, you may be interested in the Baggebo Cabinet with glass doors model. This is a showcase model that stands out for the simplicity of its design, where you can exhibit everything you want. In addition, it adapts to different spaces of a home. Its main specifications are as follows:

IKEA BAGGEBO Cabinet with glass doors
IKEA BAGGEBO Cabinet with glass doors
  • Good stability on all types of surfaces, thanks to its adjustable feet.
  • It combines tempered glass and steel to protect objects stored inside.
  • It can be complemented with other accessories of the same series.
  • Internal shelves are compatible with magnets for fixing objects.

In general, the Baggebo Cabinet with glass doors model from IKEA can offer you many advantages. And best of all, it is a product that you can have decorating your home for a long time. On the other hand, if you are interested in buying this showcase you only have to pay an affordable cost of $59.99.

IKEA Milsbo Glass-door cabinet

Finally, it is necessary to mention one of the most distinguished models and with more space in the IKEA catalog. This is the Milsbo Glass-door cabinet, which is an ideal accessory for all types of homes. This product can be used any way you want, to customize the look of your home. Apart from this, it has the following qualities:

IKEA MILSBO Glass-door cabinet
IKEA MILSBO Glass-door cabinet
  • Has glass shelves adjustable to your particular needs.
  • Comes with an included padlock for the protection of your decorative accessories.
  • It has a cable output to add internal lighting.
  • It has a tough composition of steel, aluminum and tempered glass.

The IKEA Milsbo Glass-door cabinet model can be purchased from the official website for a price of $299.99.

The latest from IKEA turns your house into a museum — take your decorative items to the...