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This is the Macy's two-in-one hair iron that saves time — straightens and dries at the same time

Make hair your letter of introduction and leave it beautiful with this iron that you can take anywhere

Multifunctional iron from Macy's
Multifunctional iron from Macy's

Hair is one of the attributes that women have, and what better way to look than long, silky and soft hair. This can be a reality in your life, thanks to the hair straightener that you find in the Macy's catalog.

The best thing about this product to beautify your hair is that it is not only a straightener, but it also has a dryer function, so you have the best of both worlds in a single tool. What's more, this iron is sweeping sales and leaving behind the options you find on Amazon. In addition, they ship to the entire United States.

Straight Shot Blow-Drying
Straight Shot Blow-Drying

Multifunctional iron

The Straight Shot Blow-Drying Flat Iron is an iron that combines the function of a dryer. In this sense, it is an iron with an air flow, just like a hair dryer. With this function, you achieve smoother hair from the first drying.

At the same time, frizz is reduced and hair will have a more natural finish. Basically, the smooth airflow helps the hair to dry, but without being mistreated. Other features are as follows.

  • You can regulate the temperature, the softest heat being 250 °F. This temperature reduces hair damage.
  • The griddle plates are 1.25” wide titanium. The result is that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the hair.
  • You can straighten the hair while it dries
  • You can adjust the speeds, since you can choose between a medium and high speed. With this function you can dry and iron any type of hair.
  • The handle of the iron is ergonomic, so you can hold it without problems
  • It is a light tool

Hair drying technology

The iron has ionic technology, which means that it helps reduce hair frizz. On the contrary, it adds shine and softness to the hair as it dries.

Added to this, the grilles through which the air flows are strategically located for maximum drying. In addition, it has bristles with nylon parts, which is useful for creating tension on the hair.

Macys Straight Shot Blow-Drying Flat Iron
Macys Straight Shot Blow-Drying Flat Iron

Need to take care of hair

Despite the fact that it is a noble product with hair, it continues to be a tool that emits heat. In this way, the most recommended thing is that you can use a heat protector for the hair.

This is how Macy's advises you to use Liquid Glass Miracle Smoothing Sealant. It consists of a liquid product, which reduces frizz, protects against heat and leaves hair shiny.

How to use the iron

  • Wash your hair as you usually do
  • After it is clean, use a towel to remove excess water. Don't rub the hair
  • Now brush your hair with the help of a comb to untangle it
  • Section the hair
  • With one hand hold the iron horizontally and hold the hair from the roots
  • Dry from tip to ends until hair is dry and smooth
  • Repeat this action until all the hair is dry
Straight Shot Blow-Drying Flat Iron
Straight Shot Blow-Drying Flat Iron

Price of The Straight Shot Blow-Drying

The iron has a value of $179.00, but you don't need to pay it in cash, since you can pay in installments of up to $44.75 for four months through klarna. You can review the shipping terms and conditions on the official website.

This is the Macy's two-in-one hair iron that saves time — straightens and dries at the...