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The trendy Nike women's sneakers on Amazon that make you gain a few inches

Find out which are the most popular women's shoes this season in the Amazon catalog. A classic that never goes out of style!

Nike Air Force 1 Pixel
The Nike for women in fashion on Amazon that make you gain a few centimeters

Amazon is the United States store that, par excellence, you can find the items you need for children, women and men. On this occasion, we are referring to Nike sports shoe models, but you can also find brands such as Adidas and Skechers. May the spring season not surprise you! These sports shoes are perfect for going for a walk or run, since they are made with the best materials.

From TheLook, we want to detail all the characteristics of this model, so that you know the reason for the success of these shoes.

Nike Air Force 1 Pixel
Nike Air Force 1 Pixel

Nike Air Force 1 Pixel

Nike women's footwear has always been something to talk about, since the quality of its materials, as well as comfort, is impressive. This time, we will talk about a very popular option on Amazon, the Nike Air Force 1 Pixel. Basically, if you are a loyal fan and consumer of Nike products, you will know what we are talking about.

Now, for all the ladies, a casual but urban model has arrived, with which you can put together many outfits. The upper part of the shoe is made of leather, added to this, throughout the model there are textured lines that give the shoe a fresh and warm touch.

Of course, the logo of the brand could not be missing, on each side of the shoe, you will be able to appreciate its new logo. Also, the sole is thick and super comfortable.

Shoe details

First of all, the lining of the shoe is perfect, what's more, they have a Swoosh. As a result, the shoe will have more depth and look like a fusion between the classic and the modern. Other shoe specifications are.

  • The midsole is "extra large" size, the height of the midsole measures 43 mm
  • On the other hand, the sole is made of foam, plus a rubber pad. Consequently, all areas of the sole are well covered and protected.
Amazon Nike Air Force 1 Pixel
Amazon Nike Air Force 1 Pixel
  • Thanks to the design of the sole, each step will feel safe and with good cushioning support
  • Despite the characteristics of the sole, it is not heavy at all, on the contrary, it is light
  • You can choose from a wide variety of colors
  • On the sole there are details in relief
  • Available in all sizes

Size chart

If you don't know what size to order, don't worry! Luckily, Amazon has prepared a size section and all the variants depending on the country. In general, this shoe can be requested from size 4 to size 13.5.

Customer reviews

The reviews for this shoe model are mostly positive. It is worth mentioning that it has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. In addition to this, the comments revolve around the following opinions.

  • "They are super comfortable shoes"
  • "The size fits the foot perfectly"
  • “The colors of the shoes are beautiful”
  • "It is a classic that can be combined with dresses, shorts, pants..."
Amazon Nike Air Force
Amazon Nike Air Force

Price of the Nike Air Force 1 Pixel

For your part, you should know that these shoes are not so cheap. However, it does not mean that you cannot acquire them. On Amazon, they cost $145.70, but on the official Nike website, you may find them at a cheaper price.

As for shipping, you coordinate it directly on the Amazon platform. In general, the order does not take more than a week to reach the door of your house.

The trendy Nike women's sneakers on Amazon that make you gain a few inches