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Best Buy puts Samsung's new robot vacuum on sale that costs the same as a Caribbean cruise

In Best Buy you find an appliance that will help you clean your home in record time

Best Buy Samsung Robot Vacuum
Best Buy Samsung Robot Vacuum

Every day, technology in appliances advances in the blink of an eye, practically, you can perform simple tasks with such just schedule. In this sense, experts in the area of Thelook technology found a robot for home cleaning at a good price in Best Buy.

This is how, we present a copy of the Samsung brand, a popular model in the United States since its launch to the market, and that continues to steal the client's eyes. Leave traditional cleaning behind! More and more users are choosing Samsung technology, leaving in the past other brands available on Amazon or Walmart.

samsung robot vacuum
samsung robot vacuum

Best Buy Samsung Robot Vacuum

The Samsung Robot Vacuum is a cleaning robot with technology for object recognition. This does this thanks to its 3D camera. The quality of this appliance to clean is that, intelligently, you can select which is the best way to clean around the objects that are in its path.

On the other hand, the equipment can automatically regulate the suction mechanism. In relation to the above, when the robot passes over a carpet, tiles or hard floors, optimizes the suction to leave the surface impeccable.

In addition to this, he works with sensors, with which he can radiate or map the cleaning area. In addition, you have a station so that the robot can empty waste. In short, with this robot it is not necessary to collect the objects, he only is responsible for cleaning.

Samsung Robot Vacuum attributes

  • The cleaning station is a white vertical structure, where the robot perhaps to leave dirt. It has a filtration system to remove dust.
  • Not only are you stirring dust, too, the robot provides clean air. This is done by means of a 5 -layer HEPA filter. What happens is that the air and several filters encapsulate 99 % of the dust.
  • Determine the areas where the robot cannot circulate. So, you can configure it from the application on your cell phone.
  • Additionally, the robot can issue a live cleaning report, which is sent to your intelligent device. You can see the map of your house and the areas that are already clean.
  • You can tell the robot to clean only with your voice using Alexa
  • Robot brushes are composed of thin bristles and deeply clean the floor and carpets
  • You can wash the garbage cube, and it has a capacity for 0.2 liters
best buy samsung robot vacuum
best buy samsung robot vacuum

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 20.7 x 18.9 x 13.8”
  • Weight: 20.3 pounds
  • Cleaning route width: 9.5”
  • Container capacity: 0.05 gallons
  • Compatible floors: wood, carpets
  • Type of filter: HEPA
  • Wet and dry use: no
  • Color: White
  • Voltage: 21.6 volts
  • Remote control: no
  • Charger included: Yes
  • Guarantee: Yes. A year

Most frequent question

The most frequent question is with a reference to whether the Samsung robot application is compatible with the Apple system, and the answer is what is compatible.

best buy robot vacuum
best buy robot vacuum

Samsung Robot Vacuum price

The cost of this cleaning jewel is $1,299.00. However, you can choose to pay for payment terms, it would be around $72.17 monthly for approximately 18 months. In turn, shipping can be free and you can opt for insurance that Best Buy offers you.

Best Buy puts Samsung's new robot vacuum on sale that costs the same as a Caribbean cruise