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Here's the biggest (and most expensive) Samsung smart TV Costco has ever put on sale

Enjoy a full day of entertainment with your favorite series with the new Costco appliance

Costco Samsun 85 inches TV Class QN850BF Series
Costco Samsun 85 inches TV Class QN850BF Series

Weekends are times for the whole family to get together to watch a movie, and with the new Samsung TV you find at Costco, you'll accomplish this task. They don't need to go to the movies, since 85 inches are enough to enjoy each scene. In addition, the sharpness of the image and the colors will envelop you from the first moment.

Likewise, if they run out, you can rest assured that you can find it in other stores in the United States, such as Walmart and Amazon. The tech experts at TheLook find it to be a good entertainment option for all family members.

Costco Samsung 85 Class Price Series
Costco Samsung 85 Class Price Series

Costco Samsun 85 inches TV Class QN850BF Series

Yeah! As you read it, the Samsung 85" Class - QN850BF Series is an appliance from one of the best Samsung series. In general, the contrasts and colors of the image are excellent, with a definition of the processor in 8K.

Another of the qualities of the television is the grid of the screen, it is the LED Quantum Mini. Basically, it consists of more than billions of colors. Added to this, it does not require the thickness of the screen to be significant, since the screen is ultra-thin. Other important features are.

  • Images like in real life. Both the depth and the dimensions mean that the image can be perceived with the human eye as if it were passing in front of you.
  • The processor allows high performance, it achieves this because it uses 20 neural networks. Besides, each network works independently, thus obtaining a captivating image.
  • For its part, the design is perfect. As we told you, it is an ultra-thin TV, specifically, only one inch deep.
  • The Slim One Connect system keeps cables out of your reach. Consequently, you will have a more aesthetic view.

3D TV sound

The surround sound is thanks to the presence of the OTS Pro through Dolby Atmos. This sound is spectacular, because you will be able to feel that you are in a movie theater.

The speakers are located on the back of the TV, a strategic place to achieve maximum sound quality. In this sense, you will be able to hear the sound of a car, plane or rain, in a more realistic way.

Costco Samsung Class Price QN850BF
Costco Samsung Class Price QN850BF

Built-in anti-glare

It has not happened to you that you sit at a certain angle of the screen, but you cannot perceive the image in detail. You can say goodbye to this situation, because the television has the anti-glare feature.

In relation to the above, Samsung experts have incorporated qualities that avoid distractions, such as the ultra viewing angle. In other words, you can watch the TV from any angle, and you'll have an amazing view.

Multiple screen

With this television it is possible that you can watch two channels, programs or series simultaneously. Added to this, you can see the ones you have on the phone screen, if you link it to the TV. So, you can watch football games, a recital or play a video game.

Samsung Class Price QN850BF Series
Samsung Class Price QN850BF Series

Technical details

  • Type: Neo QLED 8K
  • Support type: Connected support
  • Type of bezel: Without bezel
  • Resolution: 7680 x 4320
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Function with Alexa: Yes

Samsung 85" Class Price - QN850BF Series

The cost of this copy is $4,499.99, and it only includes delivery, which means that the installation and configuration must be channeled through another means. However, Costco offers you the installation for a surcharge of $30.00.

Here's the biggest (and most expensive) Samsung smart TV Costco has ever put on sale