Wednesday. 07.06.2023

Shelf, drawers, mirror and sink — the IKEA furniture that saves space in every bathroom

With this new IKEA product, you can have a more organized and distinguished bathroom, to meet all your needs.

The perfect IKEA bathroom collection
The IKEA furniture that saves space in every bathroom

The IKEA catalog not only hides furniture and armchairs of all kinds but also collections that take away the decision to choose hundreds of accessories and styles for your bathroom. As with the ENHET collection is also on discount, in order to reach every corner of the United States in a short time.

Just as we love at The Look, they have a fantastic design and a phenomenal finish that positions them as one of the most attractive options in the Swedish store catalog when it comes to decorating your bathroom. Not for nothing has it become a Best-seller that promises fantastic things for you.


IKEA Enhet Bathroom

The organization inside your bathroom is essential to avoid accidents and have all your personal hygiene products always at hand. For that reason, IKEA seeks to solve these problems with the Enhet Bathroom model in your catalog. This is a compact product with an ergonomic design that you can use to have a tidier bathroom.

And best of all, the IKEA Enhet Bathroom model has multiple storage options. In this way, you can organize your products and accessories by categories. As a result, you will have less inconvenience when looking for something and you can save a lot of time. Without a doubt, this is an essential use product.

Bright and tidy bathroom with open and closed storage

The first thing we should note about this IKEA product is that it has several spaces to organize your accessories for personal use. This product has open and closed storage, so you can keep everything tidy in style. This way, you can have the products you use frequently with easier access.

The different storage options offered by this product adapt to any of your needs. In large part, because it allows you to store both small and large accessories. In this way, you will not have to have your personal hygiene accessories in another space of your home.

ENHET Bathroom
ENHET Bathroom

Minimalism and functionality within the same design

Another of the main qualities that this product possesses is that it has a splendid composition. In particular, because its design adapts wonderfully to different decorative styles. Therefore, you will not have any problem making this product fit in your bathroom. In fact, it can complement its design and functionality for a better experience.

On the other hand, we must also mention the versatile functionality that this IKEA product has. Especially since it has a structure that can be installed easily, without the need to seek professional help. Thanks to this, you can remove these shelves at any time, to change the decoration of your bathroom.

Maintenance secrets for an always impeccable bathroom

  • You have to use a mild soapy solution to clean the surface of this product.
  • Then, you will have to use a clean cloth to remove the remains of soap and remove moisture.
  • Under no circumstances should you use scrubbing powder for the care of the shelves, since they compromise their structure.
  • Do not let this product accumulate a lot of moisture, as it can degrade.
ENHET Bathroom from IKEA
ENHET Bathroom from IKEA

IKEA Enhet Bathroom price

Today, the IKEA Enhet Bathroom model can be purchased from the official website. This product is available in the Bathroom Furniture Sets section and has a discount price. Its original cost is $597.58, but now you can buy it for only $519.00. This IKEA product can be chosen in different colors.

Shelf, drawers, mirror and sink — the IKEA furniture that saves space in every bathroom