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Skechers shoes that surpass Nike — so light that it seems that you are floating

Let yourself be carried away by comfort and enjoy the new women's sneakers from Skechers. A unique model for the spring season!

Skechers tres air uno (1)
The Skechers shoes that cause a sensation this season

The girls have a new pretext to expand their boot collection once again thanks to the Three-Air Uno Terti-Airyn from Skechers that have given a lot to talk about since its launch. They are comfortable, eye-catching and have everything you need to be a must-have and make The Look experts set their eyes on them.

They are available throughout the United States, and you can quickly have them at home once you order them from the online catalog. Not for nothing Skechers has remained one of the most influential sports stores in the country along with Adidas and Nike, remaining strong rivals. Let's see what these boots are all about:

Skechers Tres-Air Uno - Terti-Airy
Skechers Tres-Air Uno - Terti-Airy

Skechers Tres-Air Uno Terti-Airy

If you're looking to stand out anywhere with colorful footwear, the Three-Air Uno Terti-Airy model from Skechers might appeal to you. These are traditional style sneakers that you can wear for whatever you want. Especially, because they have a good quality composition that can be adapted to all kinds of activities.

The Tres-Air Uno Terti-Airy model also stands out for the design it has, since it can be combined well in different ways. This will allow you to wear the boots at any time, with different styles of clothing. And best of all, you'll be able to stay comfortable while you're at it. The composition of the shoes hugs and protects your feet.

A shoe to be fresh and fashionable

Without a doubt, these sneakers for women from Skechers stand out for the way they are designed. They have a timeless style that is always fashionable, with subtle details in the seams and the rest of their structure. In this way, they manage to attract attention in a simple way and can complement any clothing.

At the same time, it should also be mentioned that the composition of the shoes is quite fresh. In particular, because they have a mesh upper and duraleather. In addition, they have hot-cast metal overlays, details and contrast lining.

Tres-Air Uno - Terti-Airy from Skechers
Tres-Air Uno - Terti-Airy from Skechers

A construction that revolutionizes comfort

The rest of the composition of the shoes is also of good quality, to provide the support and balance that is required. This way, you can walk or run with better balance on any surface. In large part, this is due to the following details in the design.:

  • Have a Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam template.
  • Skech-Air visible airbag midsole.
  • They have a flexible traction sole.
  • Heel height of 1 3/4 inches.

Thanks to this structure, this model of Skechers boots can serve you in the activities of your preference. It doesn't matter what sport or type of training you do.

Tips to combine the shoes

  • Wear tight pants with unicolor T-shirts to highlight the style of the boots.
  • Pair the sneakers with sports leggings and sweatshirts in any shade for a casual look.
  • You will be able to wear the boots with a cocktail dress for a stylish look.
  • This shoe looks good with tight skirts and t-shirts.
Tres-Air Uno - Terti-Airy
Tres-Air Uno - Terti-Airy

Skechers Tres-Air Uno Terti-Airy price

At present, the best way to buy this Skechers footwear is from the official website. In particular, for all the payment methods and shipping options that are available. Regarding its price, the Tres-Air Uno Terti-Airy model has a cost of $85.00 and can be paid in 4 monthly installments of $21.25 with Afterpay.

Skechers shoes that surpass Nike — so light that it seems that you are floating